Andrzej's Performance

The Dietrich twins were quite famous for their contortion act, but they were also open to teach their art to all the children who were fascinated by the show and whose parents were willing to pay for such education. However, it wasn't just an entertainment and they truly turned kids into high class contortionists.

One of their favorite pupils was Andrzej Kowalczyk whose parents were from Poland. When Andrzej's parents took him to Albert and Fiona Dietrich, they said that the boy was "double jointed" since birth and could twist his legs in funny ways. The kid was asked to demonstrate and the Dietrich twins were amazed to look at this rare gem that they saw in front of their eyes.

Andrzej entered the circus stage almost instantly as he unknowingly self-trained since an early age just by playing with his rubbery legs all the time. It took him no effort at all to sit in the split or put his foot behind his own back. In the end his parents didn't even have to pay for the education because the boy immediately started doing good money on the shows.

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