Andrzej's Exclusive

Many of our readers might remember that we published some pictures of the Polish contortionist Andrzej Kowalczyk earlier this year. Andrzej is currently on a big tour with his circus and we phoned his trainer, Fiona Dietrich, to ask if it was somehow possible to inject a very quick interview into his very busy schedule someday soon, and maybe get some special photo of Andrzej exclusively for the Daily-Bend. As soon as Mrs. Dietrich heard the name of the magazine, she immediately agreed, explaining that both her and Andrzej have been the biggest fans of our periodical. She said that her and Andrzej are in a hotel room right now, getting ready for bed, but Andrzej wants to give the interview right away, so she passed the handset to him.

Good evening, Andrzej!
"Good evening! Your magazine is really inspiring to me!"

We'll be super proud to print these words and assure you that the inspiration flows from you to us, as well! So how are you holding up? I heard you do up to three shows per day! You gotta be super tired.
"I'm tired. I really wanted to do the interview, but then me and my trainer are going to bed."

Andrzej, you surely have one of the deepest backbends the world has ever seen. Any particular secret of getting that far?
"I have a great trainer. And I never stop practicing."

As in, you stretch the entire day?

But don't you have to go to school?
"No. I have private teachers and I also like to read."

What kind of job do you want to get when you can no longer do contortion? Sorry if the question is a bit sad...
"No problem, I've been thinking of that a lot myself. I want to start a contortion school for children."

Oh, that's such a nice dream! I'm sure it will be instantly popular and all of your fans will want to have their kids train at your school.
"Yes, I'm looking forward to that."

But back to yourself. Are you able to sleep well after so much exciting bending through the day?
"I have to do a cool down. And then I can sleep well."

That's really interesting! Can you please explain this cool down process to our readers?
"Umm. When I go to bed, first I have to stretch to the maximum for a few minutes. Then for a few more minutes I only bend in half without going further. Then I bend my back only ninety degrees, pushing my hands against the bed, then I relax and unbend more, slowly get on my elbows, until my back unbends completely and then my back is flat, I just drop my face onto the pillow and say good night... My trainer says 'flat tired.' (giggles) Yes, I'm flat tired, no more bending for today. All further bending tomorrow!" (giggles more)

Just as amusing as everything you do! I'm sure our more advanced readers would greatly appreciate this tip!
"I can ask my trainer to take pictures if you want."

That would be absolutely fantastic, Andrzej! It would be very original to see you bending in pajamas!
"Actually, I wear only briefs at night..."

Oh! As you usually perform in a full bodysuit, seeing you bending just in briefs would surely blow the minds of all our readers!
"Yes, you asked for a special photo. I'll try my best with it and hope you will be pleased."

You must be in the mood to do it right now, so let's end this interview, so you can work on your amazing super special photo and then hopefully have a wonderful and restful night!
"Thanks! You too. I'll do what I can... and I can't wait to sleep."

There's a tradition to ask for any last words at the end of an interview, but because I know that you're very tired already, feel free to just say good night!
"Umm. I wanted to say, I'm so happy that what I can do makes people so happy." (giggles)

What a wonderful ending!.. Stay limber, Andrzej! And bend daily!
"Thanks! Good night."

What do you think? 😄
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