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Androids - Brief History

CyberSkin Industries is actively working on stabilizing their first Gen4 Android! :3

Now, just a brief history...

LS3000XGen1 Androids were primitive machines, the very first experiments with robots in the humanoid form, basically just metallic carcasses wrapped in some mecha "clothing". Many external details made of metal were shamelessly exposed, while the face was practically non-existent. However, the very first experiments were made in the field of robotic contortionism, but even though they were able to easily fold up and twist their joints to any degree, they still somehow looked rigid compared to the human contortionist prototypes.

CyberdancerGen2 Androids gained humanoid faces and perfect bodies. Their bodysuits replicated the general fashion at the time of their creation, thus the only way to tell an android from a human was noticing their heads that were very pretty but still doll-like. That, and they didn't have real skin underneath these bodysuits, so there was no talk about sexy stripping robots yet... But still, their movements were really improved, though their dancing routines usually consisted of very simple and short loops, due to the lack of data storage.

Charlie Level 11Gen3 was only made possible after the invention of artificial skin, which is a material that feels very similar to humanoid skin. To celebrate this discovery, the androids of the 3rd generation proudly exposed as much skin as possible, which also became an easy way to tell androids from real people, since they otherwise looked almost completely human! Thankfully, androids couldn't catch a cold! :3 The data storage also gained a fantastic improvement, now able to store tens of hours of different movements, as well as generate new movements using the enhanced A.I.! Motion capture and ragdoll modes were also added, allowing for almost unlimited amount of fun!

It became a socially acceptable norm for Gen3 Androids to walk around nude, as if they were works of art. What really made it possible is that Gen3 did not feature genitals, so only male genitalia could be attached as third-party add-ons purchased separately. The female genitalia was not even an option, no idea what designers were thinking but at least the anal cavity was built into all models by default, though it was nothing but a simple fleshlight in essence.

Gen4 made the next break-through and the skin was no longer crafted but grown chemically, so that only the bones were made of alloys and stuffed with electronics, while the rest was completely organic material!

The processor cores were distributed equally across the whole android body, so that each limb had several CPU cores. The hard-working electronics allowed to make the android bodies naturally warm but the smart distribution of heat kept the body temperature pleasant to human touch. Naturally, more processor units were put inside the head and hips to increase the temperature inside the android's mouth and other cavities.

The new generation was very limited in terms of customization compared to the previous generations of androids that you could customize every week, whenever you got bored. Now, whatever body was grown once, almost couldn't be changed. It could but that'd take a real surgery and several months not being able to see your favorite android while the shape is being modified... But so the customers wouldn't have to wait, CyberSkin made a lot of preset models based on the most popular builds from the Gen3 world.

Here for example we can see the Gen4 remake of Charlie, one of the top Gen3 models:

Charlie Level 33Charlie Level 11Charlie

So Gen4 felt just like humans in many ways. The human digestion system was also fully reproduced from the mouthhole to the ass, so that they're able to convert actual food into power, however, they wouldn't get skinny or overweight like humans, since any food would be simply converted into energy and stored into their batteries. The android feces were different from human, they're practically just minced and compressed food that can be safely flushed down the toilet.

As a funny detail, androids don't piss but use the consumed water smartly to keep their chimneys clean. They also don't collect their rubbish right next to the backdoor... but enough about their assholes XD

What's really important, Gen4 had finally introduced pussies! XD No longer people had to read super long tutorials on how to properly hack and mangle their Gen3 androids to have something like a vagina! :3

However, CyberSkin denies that Gen4 androids were merely designed as the ideal sex dolls! Not at all, and here's the proof! Gen4 are incredibly agile, flexible and balanced, it is the first generation of androids who can do a bellydance with deep sexy hiprolls on top of a ball balancing upon a tight wire, while themselves balancing 5 smaller balls, showing off their motorics and sensoric perception reaching sheer perfection! :D

Hope you like! :3 You can also find this work here:


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