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Ancient Rhythmics

Ummm... the mood was inspired mostly by the Ancient Greece/Rome themed intro to the 1938 film "Olympia" by Leni Riefenstahl. Also quite inspired by some pencil sketches done from real sculptures I've seen in an art school, it's amazing what some people can draw with just pencils! Of course, the ancient sculptures themselves are incredible... I must say everything in the world of black and white keeps impressing me more and more as of late O.o Is an interest in b/w a sign of getting older? o_O;;

As for the pic, I dunno... first of all, it's a parody on rhythmic gymnastics with prehistoric apparatuses as the title suggests, though it could be something more serious like Ancient God of Eclipses XD Who knows!

It'd be odd to say "hope you liked it" to go with this sort of picture, but I hope it at least made you raise a brow, then I win :D

#Greece #contortion #monochrome #nudism #sculpture
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