An Old Footage 🎞️

This video footage was found in the long abandoned Oni Orphanage. The film labeled simply "Miguel" was mostly destroyed by sand and radiation. This small fraction is the only part that could be recovered.

Makes me wish Archie would get into belly dancing. This is a fantastic clip you've rediscovered, Yuni. Yup, lucky me! Archie definitely does this, he'd never miss out on such obvious fun 😚
This is an interesting piece, because of my totally off-topic nerdy fascination for old damaged films XD You did a good job to capture the creepy appearence with the colors, scratches and description. I guess, this is motion capture data and you amplified the torso motion. Because the arms donΒ΄t have inverse kinematics, changes to the torso bones transfer to all child bones, so the arms move like a stiff puppet, which enhances the creepy factor. Also the weird bulges beneath the cloth at the hips remind me of these victorian post mortem photographies, where you can sometimes see the rack holding the corpse in position. The restored version is a nice addition.
Daz Studio is the worst program for animation. Cascadeur is like an alien plasma gun, while Daz is like a pointed stick. Daz not only doesn't have IK nodes that you can pull to move the limbs but it doesn't even have any way to simply fix the feet on the floor...

This was probably the first animation I tried to do entirely in Daz. Later I found some ways to do animation in Blender and import it to Daz via BVH, which is how Drunken Squishie was done, but it's also not the best and I'm looking forward to trying Cascadeur.
Is this real? An his name? Miguel but not a real person, sorry ^^
This looks so real as if it was actually recorded irl using a super old camera Thanks, I really tried to make it look like those, also speeding up the video abit ^^
Marvellous done! Thank you so much! 😊
Great vintage feel! So sexy as a dancer . He should be enslaved in a HaremπŸ’•
πŸ’Œ What do you think?

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