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Amtril, the Elven princess's favorite jester and acrobat ^-^

I probably already told about this garden in Elbend where the princess and the jester spend most of the time. It's quite a huge garden that looks more like a fairy-tale forest with a charming flora and lots of albino herbivores. In this idyllic garden everybody can freely walk in the nude and the place is often used as a meditation center by the wrinkled elven gurus because the very atmosphere is very, umm, nonmaterialistic. XD

In other words, the place so reeks of infantile idealism that the modern web worm would instantly drop dead of overall silly innocence overdose. XD

Amtril practicing his handstands on one of the numerous idol statues half-buried into the grass. But eventually they become good buddies and Amtril would often strike a pose specially for Yuni and try to go for the most possibly twisted one as Yuni many time claimed to be head in the clouds about the jester's bendiness. However, one day Yuni decided instead of contortions maybe it's time to paint his beautiful figure AS IS, with just a little necklace made of cherries ^-^

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