🌋 Alshara

In the ancient pass this region was the epicenter of the Hot Age that turned this whole land into what is known as the Great Desert today, also drying up a lot of nearby lands, turning them into wastelands and steppes, known as the Waistlands.

The desert stayed uninhabited for many centuries while the volcano was still active here, but mages could always see its powerful potential. The first mage who settled here was Lucianus. Since childhood he always lived his own way, always felt he his unique destiny, indeed he was the one who opened the demonic portal here and turned Alshara into the land of demons.

Today this volcanic land is full of interesting dungeons for all purposes, from ritual sites to BDSM chambers. BDSM is the national sport of this province, playful humilitation and litres, many litres of sweat and endorphins... and of course a large variety of tools and spells. Sweet moans and distant screams of pleasure are echoing almost everywhere around its main settlement, Raas-il-Zub...

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