All the truth about Basil

This is my new character Basil :3 He was originally inspired by his own older brother Rayn, a professional contortionist working in a circus. Basil kept asking his big bro if he could do the bendy thing too, so Rayn eventually agreed to teach his adorable long-haired little bro the basics because...why not??

Following his brother, Basil first entered a circus to work as a contortionist. His performance was entirely family-friendly to the point of making him feel silly. And those political applauds... Did he spend so much time learning to do incredible things to get just that? That question hanged in the air in front of him until one day it was finally resolved.

One day he was having a drink with friends at a night club, watching pole dancers for the first time. He was quite amazed at the amount of compliments and cheering the night club's crowd was giving to those dancers, while the dancers tried their best to impress. This place seemed full of life, the barely dressed dancers looked so beautiful and sexy and somehow so natural in this environment. Basil didn't know whether to envy them or praise them. In the end, he decided to simply join them.

The process was suprisingly simple for him and in a few days he was already hired as a dancer, despite he didn't have any pole dancing skills at all. But he was insanely flexible thanks to the help of his older bro and his own hard work, and that was the sole reason why he was taken.

Other dancers taught him the basics of acting on the stage and working around the pole, but everybody assured him that wouldn't be necessary because honestly he could just show off all those spine-snapping movements he knew so well and that would be enough to make any audience feel hot.

But Basil didn't want to look silly on the stage, he had had enough silliness in the circus and never wanted to do anything silly in his life again. He figured out that the opposite of silly was hot, so he gave an oath to do only hot things from now on.

So he gave himself a promise to master the pole in every possible way, but that's a story for the next time! :3

What do you think? 😄
Hi Yuni, Every time I see your works, I'm just as impressed as the first time I saw them. The contortions are always thrilling, of course, but the faces are so emotive that they would even be good alone. Your stories make the pictures even better. Thank you for giving us the passport to your Yuniverse. I wish I could live there among the peace and beauty and love. I hope you never tire of your creations. I know I never will. Read more
I wasn't even thinking about getting tired of my works, I only wish I had more skills but I have to work with what I have 😛 Read more
Dear Yuni, You wish you had MORE skills? Any closer to perfection and your contortion babies would be climbing off of the screen! The headlines would bleat, "Tiny Expert Contortionists Running Wild in Streets! Police Baffled!" Godspeed on your perfective endeavors, but "I like you just the way you are!" Read more
Yeah, I wonder if I buy a 3D printer and print them, would they come alive at night and sit on my face while I'm sleeping 😂 Read more
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