Alexie's First Lesson πŸ₯‡

"...His trainer trained him well. On the first lesson he took Alexie by the chin and to the boy's surprise pushed his head backwards until it touched his own buttocks. Alexie gasped but got goosebumps from a sudden excitement!"

Thanks to steplessLadder for bringing my own text back to me, I completely forgot I even wrote that and I got suddenly excited by this text, so had to turn this mental image into a JPG image! πŸ˜„

Head-to-butt on Day 1!? This boy will bend faaar! πŸ˜‰

As always, Β© Alexie belongs to GallCommTV πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘

I just love this character, haha! I thought it won't hurt if I used Danny as his trainer... after all he knows how to turn boys into literal snails. But I bet even Danny didn't expect the boy to be so flexible on the first try! 😍

Pics I used for the wall are from a couple of DBZ fanarts I drew a while ago:

Though they match this picture with muscled guys helping boys to get limber. And limber. And limber... 😏

Got to love that wall paper XD
cute yoga mat as well.
But not nearly as cute as who's folded on top of it <3
His face says "how am I doing this! But also "wow, I'm actually doing this" ;3
So glad you liked!! Yeah looks like he had a perfect guess about his natural talent when he signed for this class 😊
Great mix of old folds and new fold😍 love than even the mat he is bending on is covered with bendies XD Yeah, younger bendies are happier to bend along with cartoon bendies 😊
Seria maravilloso verlo desde otro punto de vista, no solo de perfil, desde atras, de frente desde arriba, o incluso desde los ojos de Danny. Poder ver su cara de esfuerzo, su culo y sus calcetines. Me encantaria ver mas posturas suyas, un quadruplefold asistido seria increible! <3
It would be wonderful to see it from another point of view, not just in profile, from behind, from the front from above, or even from Danny's eyes. Being able to see his exertional face, his ass, and his socks. I would love to see more of your poses, an assisted quadruplefold would be amazing! <3
Muchas gracias! IntentarΓ© seguir asΓ­! πŸ˜„
Thank you so much! I'll try to keep it up!
😍 😊
Alexei's body looks more and more realistic. Your progress as an artist such impressive! Thank you so much! More realistic compared to the sketches on the wall 😏
Danny's back!
Yeah, fortunately. Huge muscles are a big problem, I try to fix them but even the very base of the 3D model handles them wrong. Ideally I should be avoiding such characters but I keep trying and sometimes I'm just lucky πŸ˜…
πŸ’Œ What do you think?

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