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Akio's Roommate

The Pink Cross hospital's nurse tells us about his hobby for stretching at home and his helpful roommate!

Akio works as a nurse at the Pink Cross hospital, the Japanese all-trap health caring organisation. He is known for being able to bring the dead back to life with his sexy appearance and contortion skills!

While he's good at inspiring others, his own catalyst is usually his roommate Maria who always loves to tease him, specially when Akio is doing his daily cum streams.

"She can just roll in right in the middle of my broadcast and be like 'oh you streaming again? good, let's show everyone what a good chair you make!' And she's the exact opposite of skinny, too! Man, is she heavy! But that's why I always spend some of my Internet money to buy her cakes because... the more fatass she gets, the better she can fold me! Oops, I think I'm gonna really get folded for saying that..."

Akio and Maria belong to taiknight

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