Adrien's Matador Suit (WIP)

Adrien β€” Noel's boyfriend and roommate β€” in and out of his matador suit... :P

Adrien's character design was inspired by Saraka's artwork of T-Drone 107, the illustration based on Kito's new novel "Destination: Utopia". Adrien is basically a casual, human-version of the sexy drone :3

And again, some of the latest technological breakthroughs available in 2201:

Matt-a-d'Orβ„’ Top

Contortion is your biggest passions and you want to be free to fold at any time, anywhere but as a freelancer you also need to carry around a lot of gadgets that keep you connected to the world, handling all sorts of programming jobs? Look no further, no need to bother with suitcases and backpacks, simply put on this stylish, lightweight jacket and stay online all day, even while doing your favorite contortion poses!

Noel keeps jokingly calling Adrien a 'Matty' for sticking to this particular brand so much :P

Dirt Proof Yoga Suit

Keep all the dirt inside your head, meanwhile your body is perfectly clean and shiny, ready to be stretched in all directions! Your shiny, silvery legs will slide apart so smoothly on the polished parquet at home! Of course, it's also great to walk in the nature, dirt and liquids simply don't stick to this fabric at all. You can pretty much do a split in the mud and get up all clean, so feel free to get as dirty as you like!


A stylish Pineapple gadget specially for boys who love nature and want to be always ready to answer its many calls of various kinds. Simply press the tiny magic button right above the genitalia and the bird will fly out in its full glory, press it again and it will be neatly packed back using a patented safe zipping technique. Ideal for the boys who like to go into specially dirty areas and never want to lose the protective suit.

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