Adonis Melissopoulos (WIP)

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"Adonis was a simple shepherd but so beautiful that the gods Aphrodite and Dionysos were both in love with him," explains the Greek femboy who adopted his hero's name.

Adonis Melissopoulos has been a student at the greek Anthropometry school for years. The school is barely known outside of Greece but it's about measuring the angles of the body, particularly in extreme poses, so the students get the better marks from the teacher the greater angles they achieve.

"It's my favorite discipline, specially the dance called 'The Lost Angles' because it shows the geometry hidden within the human body. As my teacher says, to love excellence is truly to love the gods!"

And it looks like the boy is aiming to become as excellent as he can, already having a lot of fans in his country, both male and female alike. Would he also meet his Aphrodite and/or Dionysos one day, just like the mythological Adonis?

"Only because you asked, yup, I'm dreaming to have both at once, like a love triangle. I want to meet a couple, a boy and a girl who are deep in love, and get between them like cheese between the buns and have a yummy threesome~ :3"

His friends call Adonis "the honeybee" because of his passion for wearing a tight belt that gives him a bee-like shape, as well as his sweet tooth for honey that costs him hours of exercises to contain himself in that bee-like shape.

Like all Greek athletes, Adonis favors full nudity when putting his gymnastic skills on display, much to the enjoyment of his admirers and fellow artists and sculptors.

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