AcroCon (WIP)

Preparing for the Acrobatic Contortion Tournament 2032 ^^

AcroCon is a sport that became more and more popular through the 2020s. Acrocontortionists usually perform in pairs of a more slender and younger gymnast responsible for extreme flexibility, and an older and stronger athlete responsible for supporting the younger one's postures and holding him for more advanced dynamic stretches.

Gymnasts train since the elementary school and usually study in schools specialized in sports. In these schools the whole day is dedicated to physical training, preparing their students exclusively for professional sports. The new system of education allowed for the foundation of new extreme sports like AcroCon, which would have been impossible with the regular school schedule where students had to spend a lot of time on studying things they'd never need in their life. Now it's all in the past, allowing contortion to become much more professional and widely spread!

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