A Whole New Fold! 😨

Yasha needs to take a break but he doesn't know how!

A whole new training device Yasha got from the KGB, the latest invention that his sworn frenemy, agent 006.9 of Poland, could only dream about! With some good muscle this PowerBand could be stretched but it was mainly designed to contract and that it did really well!

Since day one Yasha knew what he wanted to do but it took long weeks of extreme training for hours a day, as well as keeping it secret from his rival boyfriend who would steal the idea right away. For that purpose Yasha had to go underground for a while and live in a secret Soviet bunker where he had all the government's military and medical support for this experiment...

One day he was back and the Polish almost bit his chin while watching that cunning little Siberian's brand new show!! 😨

Amazing, fabric of trousers is dreamlike as is his pose and secret equipement! Thank you so much! 😊
WOW!! The most extreme fooooooold! Hehe..also I think his most happy face as well while on it 😜
Yasha has to be my top favorite of all the characters Very glad to know it, my favorite too! 😊
Fantastic! What a cool idea! Thank you so much!! πŸ˜„
KGB military corp : 😍😘 Russia in 2021: "Whom did you call spinelesssssss!!"
Siberia in 2201: "We're the most spineless, we got proofsss!!" 🀣
Still amazing and your humor is getting better. Keep up the creativity my friend. Wow, first time I've ever seen so many insults packed so tight, you put Yasha's contortion here to shame!
But seriously, very glad you liked! 🀣
a high tech belt that help with tight folds and tight wasps XD great agent number to get,another good one is 3003 :P
also Happy Birthday, hope you have another great bendy day :D
Haven't tried it on the wasps yet but think it of all things can make one waist to look like it was ran over by a traptor...I mean tractor XD...hmm and now i'm not 100% sure if that sounded sexy or i'm just going crazy XD
Wow, thanks for remembering about my Fappy Bendsday πŸ₯³
And Happy Birthday!!
Wow, thank you so much! 🎈πŸ₯³
Damn! Ribs so wonderful! Can you post this pose without pants?) Haha yeah would suck his ribcage any day!
Well if you insist, I can't resist 😜
Mind-bendingly incredible!!

A little bird told me it’s your birthday btw, have a great one :D
Thanks, was happy about this picture but now even happier after the comments!
Yeah, I'm one of the April's fools haha...thanks! 😜
Are those zirconium bracelets? =__= Not sure, I googled zirconium bracelets and it shows nothing similar to this picture πŸ€”
He is folded like a jumping cracker. But IΒ΄m sure he wonΒ΄t crack.
I have always thought, your style looks russian. Not only, because they seem to have many gymnasts, but the whole look and feel of the characters.
Guess contortion wouldn't be fun if anyone cracked but yeah, good point... I've always been curious why contortion is even legally allowed, considering how extreme it is... For instance Youtube currently age-restricts or deletes videos with anything extreme but contortion is on the telly all over the world, while technically it's still abuse but nobody seems to see it as such. Maybe because if they close it, they'd have to close most of the olympic sports for the same reasons.

You must be russian because only russians say it looks russian, danish people say it's danish, finnish people say it's finnish, etc. My favorite comment was when someone said my characters look like an average of all the nationalities in the world πŸ€“
Oh these bends he does for the motherland. So shining, shimmering, splendid! ;) Tell me princess now when did... ARGGHH!! Don't plant songs into my brain 😱
Oh, and belated happy birthday! Make it like Yasha and turn 18 every Year!
Thanks, I pretty much stopped aging since I was 21, both physically and mentally... πŸ˜‚
I love that one yuni,...can you doo please more like this and like a fit thru a tigh ring like that with ribs so much out :-D Very glad you liked! And good idea, you don't have to ask me twice to make more with ribs and fitting through a tight ring :D
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