🖼️ A Magical Picture

Yasheus and Andremede, got a magical painting that helps to visit each other's kingdoms at any time of night and day.... Well mostly Yasheus visiting the desert prince, Andremede still needs to adapt to cold and stop sneezing while kissing or... other things XD

Yasheus like every Snowberian is of course 100% immune to extreme low temperatures and takes freezing without sneezing and can be turned into a bendy ice statue, the advantage of being a son of shamans... They even have beauty contests with those flexible ice statues... wait, I got distracted... XD;

Well, anyway, here's another mAgIcal picture. XD. I gotta say in my "early years" I really tried hard to learn some anime style as can be seen on the bottom of my gallery, so thanks to AI we can finally see what it could look like :D

What do you think? 😄
I like the way they look. Read more
Thank you so much! I'm very glad you enjoyed their looks :D Read more
I'm stunned... They're so beautiful! I didn't expect another artwork so soon so this took me completely by surprise and I'm speechless, Andrzej's outfit is simply to die for. They're both so hot!
I'm noticing that their faces are in one way very similar but in another way Yasha looks so feminine while Andrzej looks so masculine, it's fascinating!
--Alldenspa Read more
Thank you so much!! Haha, Andrzej's leotard is so high-cut it's over the top literally... XD I remember with A.F. we had an idea that high-cut leotards in the sexy pseudo-military refer to the rank of the wearer, so officers have it cut to waistline, generals to underarms, I guess princes will go all the way over the shoulders XD And I guess kings/emperors will have a literal mankini..

I think the faces maybe it's just the same angle and proportions and being so close on the same level that make them look similar. But the effect was intended as wanted them to be like a mirror of each other but with opposite colors and features. Very glad you enjoyed this pic!! ^^ Read more
Two Sweeties ! Deliciously sexy outfits 💕 Read more
Thank you so much!! 😊 Read more
They look great indeed... but you drawings and your style are overwhelmingly superior... in all aspects... XD Read more
Thanks!! It's fun to explore the new possibilities, and undoubtedly I will adapt them to my style over time... It's not like AI is that rigid that it can only do this anime style... This whole picture was just a study/test because I generated their faces first and I was like wow... now I want to see the rest XD Read more
Get it... XD...
And yeah.... I love how you have perfected your style with the pass of time, making prettier faces and poses, and always surprising us with newer and cutter (and sexier) pics XD...

Love the outfits btw XD... Read more
Thanks!! Glad you enjoy the evolution and the outfits too XD Read more
Thank you for answer I do like this style and look forward to many more but your original is best so far X-)
As is Andrz body... but for other character this would be for sure nice frame. You are so kind to explain stuff always delight to read it!
I really hope to make mine SD work again with new version... to show myself off too .)
Shifty Read more
Their both stunning!!!!! <3
I TOTALLY LOVE IT, another awesome job Yuni! X3 Read more
Thank you so much!! 😁 Read more
...Yasheus und Andremede in einer schönen Scene : sie wollten wohl gerade sich umarmen 💋
Ob wir sie gestört haben ? der Phantasie sind keine Grenzen gesetzt, das ist das Spannende an Deinen Bildern, da gibt es immer Neues zu entdecken, Danke für die phantastischen Kompositionen 👌
...Yasheus and Andremede in a beautiful scene: they probably just wanted to hug 💋
Did we disturb you? There are no limits to the imagination, that's the exciting thing about your pictures, there's always something new to discover, thanks for the fantastic compositions 👌 Read more
Haha, sie sollten sich aber keine allzu großen Sorgen machen! Wir können die Schönheit dieser Jungen in allen möglichen Momenten und Ausdrucksformen schätzen. Und ja, es ist die Fantasie, die Kunst so spannend macht, man weiß nie, welcher hübsche Junge hinter dieser Ecke oder Säule lauert 🤣
Haha, they shouldn't worry too much though! We can appreciate the beauty of these boys in all sorts of moments and expressions. And yes, it's the imagination that makes art so exciting, you never know what pretty boy is lurking behind that corner or pillar 🤣 Read more
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