🎏 A Boy Who Sold The Spine

We stretched upon the floor
We spoke of was and when
Although I wanted more
He said he liked my bends
Which came as a surprise
I spoke into his eyes
I thought I could twist more
A long long time ago

Who knots? Not me
We never loose the time
You're face to face
With the boy who sold his spine

I laughed and twisted more
And made my way around
I stretched like I was bored
The face without a frown
I gazed a gazeless stare
Another turn I dared
I must have sold my spine
A long, long time ago

Who knots? Not me
We never loose the time
You're face to face
With the boy who sold his spine

(Original – David Bowie)

What do you think? πŸ˜„
Really cool picture... I love these twists so much! Stunning! Read more
Thanks! Read more
This is so nice that Iam still processing... but it sure is very artistic and have that vintage feel to it.... hmmm will watch again and again in next days :)
Shifty Read more
Thank you so much! I almost made it black'n'white, but glad even with colors it still has the intended retro feel :D Read more
I love the imagination of the extreme twist - it looks so realistic - I bet if this could be performed in real life it would look exactly the same as you portrayed. Read more
Thank you so much! I started this picture in October and had to redo the twist part several times, finally managed to make all the folds more believable... But it was worth it, finally a picture with a twist over 360 degrees! 😘 Read more
Such a sweet, adorable Boi πŸ’• Love the mirror image , but I would have preferred No socks ! You portray feet so deliciously Erotically ! Read more
Very glad you liked him! πŸ˜‰ Read more
I've tried and utterly failed at sculpting these kinds of folds. You have to be making your own normal maps right? Read more
In this one I painted the twisted part in Photoshop... The only good way to get more detail in 3D that I know is export the figure to Blender, add more resolution, sculpt things, then just get it back to Daz as a simple non-editable mesh but at least it has finer details. Just copy all the materials from the original figure onto that mesh, and of course hair and clothes will need their smoothing modifiers to target that mesh instead of the original figure to look right. Read more
Incredible!! I want to wrap my hands around his spine… Read more
Must feel his very backbone like that XD Read more
I dreamed about it and saw there your next picture, but I forgot what it was :-( But this picture still fascinates me, I think it's one of your best works. Read more
Very glad you enjoyed it! 😊 Read more
I love it! A wonderful picture <3 Read more
Thank you so much! Very glad you enjoyed it 😊 Read more
I’m afraid his legs just run away from his upper body! Read more
Just sang it in my mind to Bowie's version and pictured the rattle (or washboard, not sure) sound could be sampled from Yasha's spine cracking to his stretches!

Amazing work, as usual! Read more
Thank you so much!! On that day I listened to 3 different versions of that song... I always thought Nirvana's cover was the best but suddenly liked Midge Ure much more, it has a lot of that psychedelic vintage sound.

Would be funny if Yasha could crack his back to create spinal percussion like people can do beatboxing with their mouths to make vocal percussion. Read more
Amazing Read more
Thank you! :D Read more
Nice poem. Why is the older stuff locked in the first place? Read more
Very glad you liked!!
You can click on any of the locked "stuff" to see the reason why it's locked. Read more
your mirror pictures are so amazing. (yasha is more amazing of curse ;-)) Read more
Thank you so much!! One angle is sometimes never enough in contortion art πŸ˜‚ Read more
Read more
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