Erika Ribbons

As a country side girl who was born in a nudist commune, Erika only found out about contortion on the Internet as a late teen. Her only reason to get dressed and move to a bigger city was to find a way to become a contortionist as she dreamed to make it her job no matter what.

She ended up attending a yoga gym led by Mary who became her girlfriend and made Erika extremely flexible in a short time.

Her yoga-classmate Martin also became her lover and later a husband. As he dreamed to become a nude photographer, Erika quickly became his first and most cherished model.

To pay respect to her origins, Erika tries to spend as much time as possible in her birthsuit, the traditional "clothes" of her home commune.

Spouse: Martin
Children: Helen and Nathaniel
Occupation: nudist, contortionist, photo model