3D Kagemaru

Japanese shinobi. Loves sushi, fundoshi and shibari.

Kage-chan was found as a young boy by a ninja clan member and asked if he could also become a member because all the members of his family were murdered by some gang's members, so he wanted to become a great ninja and dismember them one day.

So he took the hardest training from the greatest members of the clan but eventually was never sent on any missions because was too cute and talented. They send him to rhythmic gymnastic competitions instead, so he could please his thirst for beating other guys.

What do you think? 😄
The suit just breathtaking! Read more
Rubber suit on a rubber boy!
So happy to know you enjoyed it! 😄 Read more
Indeed the suit and the pose are the best XD... I would love to see more of Kagemaru on that sexy outfit XP Read more
So glad you enjoyed!! And yes, Kagemaru's next favorite thing in the world after stretching must be bodysuits! He's already got a few different ones and now i'm working on a whole new supertight nylon suit for him!! 😝 Read more
Me encanta el efecto de brillo del latex en el cuerpo flexionado... Read more
Gracias! Actualmente estoy trabajando en un traje de nailon para Êl 😛 Read more
I wouldn't mind trying out both Kage-chan and the suit. =)
/<o> Read more
Hmm actually I haven't considered two persons rubbing their rubber suits together, now to think it would be pretty hot to cuddle in rubber suits 😛 Read more
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