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37 Vertebras

Incredible things would be possible if only the torso was just a tiny bit longer!

Alex was born with a very strange body, although at first it seemed more like he's just very tall and skinny but after 7 years of life his body became so unusual that he was sent for a medical check and for the first time it was determined that his spinal cord had 4 vertebras more than the norm!

Normally human beings have 33 vertebras, although at times, very rarely, people can be found to have 34 vertebras, which so far was the maximum, but Alex was the first case of a human being having 37 vertebras.

Alex's skinny torso was so long that his body looked simply unreal, almost like a snake or a worm. His parents somehow weren't very suprised when Alex became interested in contortion, and even his doctor agreed that flexibility training would be the best therapy for the boy's triple-jointed spine.

At the age of 19 he decided that he wants to start making money off his skills and got hired as a performer by the fetish club Meat Cave, where he could finally do exactly the type of thing he wanted to do the most and become known as the most extraordinary human in the world.

His new audience simply couldn't get enough of his very special body. It was an audience where many people either had body modifications or an interest in bdsm, contortion and other extreme things, so Alex instantly became some sort of a deity and was literally worshipped.

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