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2coolAngel v2The truth that the world is still going to discover one day is why CyberSkin Industries (CSI for short) is being so successful at producing artificial skin for androids, as can be seen in the CyberToys series.

The very core of this truth is the Super Secret Lab (SSL for short), accessible only to a narrow group of specialists, where human beings lead their existence as mere test subjects for scientific experiments.

But every hidden thing will be revealed one day and CSI is perfectly aware of it, so they try to put every possible effort into making their test subjects' lives enjoyable, so whenever the truth is discovered, many people would be on the corporation's side, even wishing they could volunteer to live in the SSL complex.

The numerous subjects have an extraordinary and multifaceted sexual life, an access to many video games that substitute the reality and can be played on the corporate network that substitutes the real Internet.

The complete isolation from the outside world also allowed the corporation to study some psychological aspects of what makes us humans entertained and happy. These studies become the base for building better artificial intelligence (AI for short) for the androids. Many successful androids were also actually based on real human test subjects that ranked the highest in the SSL.

But the lab is not only concerned about the androids, it's primary goal is to learn how to modify the human body in various fancy ways that may be in demand in the future. That's why it has to be kept secret because right now such body modifications would shock the majority of the population but in the near future it's likely to become a trend and then CSI will come out to lead the whole new industry, much like it did before with the androids.

Just to mention, the test subjects also lead sort of a futuristic lifestyle, most of the social norms are heavily altered within the SSL and even their real names are erased because CSI believes that in the future real names imposed by parents will fall out of use and will be replaced by Internet-style nicknames that people can choose for themselves.

New subjects in the lab are assigned a numeric ID at first, but after six month they're allowed to change it to any name that doesn't contain special characters and white spaces and must only contain alphanumeric characters and not conflict with other registered names or copyrighted entities.

2coolAngel is one of these test subjects who belongs to the group of boys with female breasts. He is a pretty good masseur and has a real talent to relieve people's stress, he is also extremely trustworthy and has the access level that allows to take him outside of the SSL.

He can usually be seen in the CSI headquarters at the working hours, massaging shoulders and bringing coffee. In case of inspection, he knows by heart how to pretend to be a nextgen android. For that purpose he had learned a couple of flexible tricks that are normally enough to convince governmental inspectors of not being human.

In his spare time loves to workout his abs. Had his lower belly pierced with a 5 inch long steel rod to improve the erotic sensation from the crunch and other exercises. Quite fond of sexy dancing but doesn't seem to be good at remembering specific sequences, enjoys improvising. Good at fighting video games but hates video games that take longer than 20 minutes to play. Everything else is quite similar to most of the test subjects.

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