2016 Year of the Monkey

Just what the title says :D

Woot! First picture of 2016!! ^o^

Sketch – New Year 2016

I saw this interesting sketch by Tahldon that I really liked and instantly had some more poses in mind, so I asked if I could have the permission to do something similar and here it is ^o^

I've never drawn a monkey before and I didn't want to copy other people's designs, especially furry ones, so at first I wanted to draw a very limber and skinny black boy with some monkey ears but then I experimented and it looked more like a monkey with a black body and a white face! I actually wanted it to be still a black boy but with some voodoo-like facepaint but I couldn't pull that very well and I ended up loving this final version the most ^.^

What do you think? 😄
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