Yuri - Neon Tube

Yuri Krylenko is a con­tor­tion­ist from Ukraine. What would his very first pub­lic per­for­mance be like, back when he was a teenag­er?

He's ac­tu­al­ly be­ing re­al­ly shy here, in the mid­dle of a huge cir­cus au­di­ence. I thought he might have had a bit longer hair when he was younger but that's to­tal­ly my wild guess.

Yuri is gay and has a boyfriend (don't know since what age), he loves tight cloth­ing like speedos, cat­suits, tank­tops and skin­ny jeans. He ded­i­cates his en­tire free time to con­tor­tion­ism, usu­al­ly pre­fer­ring to train in ex­treme­ly hot rooms, up to 100°F / 37°C. His per­son­al achieve­ments in­clude the ex­treme back­bend with get­ting shoul­ders through the thighs, up to 360° over­splits and a va­ri­ety of ad­vanced yo­ga pos­tures like kan­dasana.

His train­ing in the back­stage is usu­al­ly far more in­tense than what he does on the stage, but this is a norm among con­tor­tion­ists, the most fan­tas­tic things are done in the back­stage be­cause ac­tu­al per­for­mance is sup­posed to look flu­ent and easy :3

Yuri Krylenko is an OC of Spy­Hunter29 (and all the in­fo above is based on his bio), I re­al­ly like this char­ac­ter so I want­ed to draw a fa­nart of him :3 This is al­so pret­ty much a clone of Spy­Hunter29's own draw­ing, I just want­ed to make a trib­ute to it be­cause I liked it so much! X3

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