Cities of Yunia

Gods gave peo­ple nice bod­ies, land and food, made them strong and fast, so they could sur­vive in times of dan­ger. But how can we ever re­pay you? Peopel asked...

And then the gods sent their prophets to every na­tion, say­ing: can you pls do some­thing bendy with your bod­ies cuz we re­al­ly love it XD Since then the sa­cred pro­fes­sion of gym­nasts was born!

Mean­while the many na­tions of the world couldn't man­age to live in peace and start­ed to fight way too much... And then the Sun sent its own child to be­come the holy is­land for all the gym­nasts to come to­geth­er and per­form, and at first it was vir­gin clean and looked like this:

The sec­ond wave of mes­si­ahs spread the in­fo about this is­land, Yu­nia, which must re­main peace­ful and neu­tral, as to keep the deities hap­py and not anger them!! ;3

The is­land's pop­u­la­tion wasn't large, but quite var­ied, af­ter all every na­tion want­ed to have their best gym­nasts per­form­ing on their be­half in this holy land! Mak­ing it a whole is­land full of gym­nasts?? Not at all! For even gym­nasts need­ed food, baths, hous­es, roads, guards, drugs, black­jack, hook­ers, etc... so on this map we can see who's the best at de­liv­er­ing all these dif­fer­ent use­ful things :3

Thanks to Lis­aGors­ka for the pa­per tex­ture! :3

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