In the an­cient times, the whole world of Yu­nia was all green, but sud­den­ly cer­tain parts start­ed get­ting hot­ter and hot­ter...

The Breach-Be­tween-Worlds opened like a hole pen­e­trat­ed by some oth­er­world­ly force... and the Mist crawled in, en­ter­ing Yu­nia and spread­ing to cause ma­jor cli­mat­ic changes, known as the Hot Age. The heat quick­ly took over the en­tire low­er part of the world, turn­ing it in­to the Great Desert of Al­shara.

The an­cient civ­i­liza­tion of Gyp, which lived there be­fore, had to quick­ly make its way away to­ward the green. But the nice and friend­ly civ­i­liza­tion they were, they didn't want to dis­turb the ex­ist­ing king­doms and set­tled down in the steppes, now known as Waist­lands (due to the pe­cu­liar tra­di­tion of these peo­ple to wear very tight belts).

The oth­er wing of the heat hit the oth­er ex­trem­i­ty of Yu­nia, turn­ing half of the once all-green Bar­baria in­to rough­lands. Though the mighty sav­ages didn't much mind a slight­ly more se­vere cli­mate, but luck­i­ly it stopped and they could keep some nice green low­lands too.

Al­though the Great Desert was spread­ing most mer­ci­less­ly, it al­so spared a bit of green, un­able to deal with the army of mighty ge­nies, who all fought the heat to their best abil­i­ties. With the help of wa­ter ge­nies, some lakes, great and small, were formed and the land gained the name of Oa­sis.

So the Mist moved south-west, hit­ting hard the moun­tain­lands known as the High An­kles. Half of them were turned in­to buttes or desert moun­tains, but af­ter the Mist left, these moun­tains hap­pened to be quite beau­ti­ful­ly shaped and had a great amount of caves, all suit­able for liv­ing. And so this land be­came Bedouinia and was very much fa­vored by mages, who rushed to call it home.

Even­tu­al­ly the Mist "won" against the High An­kles and fi­nal­ly crossed them, but now it was un­able to turn back and was trapped be­tween the moun­tains and the ocean. It cooled down and con­densed in the land of Vamp­syl­va­nia, turn­ing all of its peo­ple in­to walk­ing un­deads. Since then the cold form of the Mist has nev­er left that cursed land.

De­spite the Mist stopped, it great­ly alarmed some of the an­cient king­doms. One civ­i­liza­tion had mag­i­cal­ly turned them­selves in­to fish-like crea­tures and went in­to the ocean to nev­er re­turn on land again, tak­ing all their trea­sures to the un­der­wa­ter city of Mer­po­lis.

An­oth­er an­cient civ­i­liza­tion, Tech­nic­ca, which was so ad­vanced that it al­ready tried to build me­chan­i­cal hu­manoids called an­droids, they ran to find shel­ter with­in the deep­est un­der­ground caves, and hid them­selves so well that even to­day many peo­ple doubt their ac­tu­al ex­is­tence.

Cen­turies af­ter, an­oth­er civ­i­liza­tion "in­her­it­ed" their moun­tain­lands and some of their in­dus­tri­al tech­nol­o­gy, as well as all the nice hot­springs and views. This ori­en­tal civ­i­liza­tion is known as Guenii.

But if we an­a­lyze the word Guenii, we can clear­ly see where they came from and that they were mere in­vaders from the civ­i­liza­tion of It­lan, that re­mained pret­ty much un­touched by the cat­a­clysm and de­cid­ed to use the emp­tied ter­ri­to­ries, but in the process split in­to two sep­a­rate king­doms, so much that to­day they are two com­plete­ly dif­fer­ent cul­tures.

An­oth­er land un­af­fect­ed by the Mist was Jang­hal, these na­gas liv­ing in the jun­gles are still thank­ing their gods that they kept this par­adise fresh and flour­ish­ing.

Equal­ly lucky were the tribes of Ki­gash, who lived so far away in the west and were so prim­i­tive that most of them are still not aware that some­thing like that even hap­pened. They're much more con­cerned about the strange spores that the winds car­ry their way and that trig­ger some very strange be­hav­ior.

These spores of course are car­ried by the wind all the way from Fun­gaard, the gar­den of the mu­tage­nous fun­gi and all sorts of mu­tants cre­at­ed from in­ter­ac­tions with these mush­rooms. The mush­rooms in turn are more wor­ried about their new north­ern neigh­bor.

Snow Queen­dom was cre­at­ed as an "an­swer" to the se­vere heat, per­haps the na­ture's call to bal­ance it out, or maybe it was cre­at­ed by some ex­treme­ly pow­er­ful mag­ic. Ei­ther way, now there's a whole land of eter­nal frost that doesn't seem like it's go­ing to melt any time soon.

While some an­cient king­doms were com­plete­ly wiped, some on­ly wast­ed a frac­tion of their old ter­ri­to­ries. Sh­oldor, that al­ways lived by farm­ing, had to leave the ter­ri­to­ries that turned in­to steppes.

The elves of Alvabrost al­so had to lose about 1/3 of their old ter­ri­to­ries to the wastes, be­ing pussies who on­ly liked nice green parks. The few elves who were brave enough, went to ex­plore the desert and even­tu­al­ly set­tled down in Bedouinia, turn­ing in­to desert elves.

The Breach-Be­tween-Worlds had al­so at­tract­ed the oth­er­world­ly demons from In­fe­ria, who were fi­nal­ly able to take ma­te­r­i­al forms in the mor­tal realms, thanks to the de­mon­ic por­tal that was built in Al­shara right on the Breach.

Yu­nia has al­so been an ob­ject of con­stant in­ter­est for Ce­les­tia, the great alien space­ship well hid­den in the clouds and able to watch the en­tire world's changes like a spec­ta­cle from high above.

But all that was a very long time ago... To­day Yu­nia is very sta­ble in its new shape, all the species are quite hap­py about their present lands and king­doms, so let's hope there won't be any new prob­lems in the fu­ture XD

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