Young Arcus

Here is Ar­cus at the age of 8 dur­ing the fes­ti­val when he was award­ed for hav­ing the small­est waist among the imps of his age.

This an­cient prac­tice was in­vent­ed by Sun-wor­ship­pers who used waist cinch­ing to make their low­er bel­lies ide­al­ly round to re­sem­ble the Sun.

For this week of fes­tiv­i­ties his priests dressed him up in a bright yel­low dress and round­ed up his bel­ly with a tighter belt than usu­al to make it re­sem­ble the Sun. Ar­cus wasn't en­joy­ing it as much as every­one else, not be­cause of the belt's size but be­cause of so many peo­ple com­ing to stare at him and dis­cuss his im­pos­si­bly small waist XD

No­body else in the king­dom at the mo­ment had a waist small­er than the Prince's. Even cultists who used waist-bind­ing for the pur­pos­es of sor­cery weren't as good as the boy.

No­tably, his train­ing tech­nique wasn't painful at all, af­ter all no­body would dare to hurt a Prince. It was a mag­i­cal work of balms made of rare in­gre­di­ents, a well cho­sen di­et and a very spe­cif­ic mas­sage per­formed by the best mas­ters in the king­dom which helped to re­arrange the in­ter­nal or­gans prop­er­ly with­out af­fect­ing the work of the di­ges­tion sys­tem and blood flow... but I can't give out any more se­crets of his mirac­u­lous­ly soft waist, as I fear these demons might come for my soul, ha­ha XD

As for Ar­cus him­self, it wasn't his choice and he of­ten en­vied oth­er kids as they moved and played freely while he had to be very care­ful and del­i­cate with his wasped waist, mov­ing, sit­ting and lay­ing on­ly as in­struct­ed... He was spe­cial­ly jeal­ous of young ac­ro­bats and dancers who some­times per­formed at fes­ti­vals such as this one to en­ter­tain the crowd with their fan­tas­tic tricks and won­drous flex­i­ble pos­tures, while him­self he had to stay calm all day. But the priests kept as­sur­ing him that en­durance and pa­tience are good qual­i­ties for a Prince...

In his late teens, how­ev­er, his life got a twist that pushed him ex­act­ly in the di­rec­tion of those whom he en­vied so much. One day he was en­slaved by King As­modeus who for­bid him to wear the belt and forced him to be­come a dancer and con­tor­tion­ist. Ar­cus had some of the most en­joy­able time of his life, though lat­er he talked the King to let him wear the belt again.

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