Yoga in Lingerie

I felt like draw­ing this girl Eri­ka again be­cause she has like the cutest sto­ry, she just ap­pears in a ran­dom yo­ga class one day and goes like "hey I saw that kind of pic­tures on the in­ter­net and I was like how do you learn to do that?? and peo­ple told me to go a yo­ga class so here I am!"

You can read the ac­tu­al sto­ry here in her first pic­ture ac­tu­al­ly XD

So yeah, Eri­ka and her yo­ga in­struc­tor Mary have been work­ing hard, for prob­a­bly six months at least un­til Eri­ka could ac­tu­al­ly pull some of these po­si­tions.

See al­so

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