Year of the Goat

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Since 2015 is the Year of the Goat, I re­mem­bered I had a char­ac­ter back in 2004, one of my very first char­ac­ters in fact... who was kin­da based on one French book on black mag­ic that I read as a teenag­er XD

It de­scribed the rit­u­al of the Black Mass that took place in the me­dieval times and how the mages and witch­es had a goat there whom they'd re­fer to as "Mes­sir Leonard" and they all had to kiss that goat's ass for what­ev­er rea­son I don't re­mem­ber XD

So any­way I thought "poor witch­es" and made this char­ac­ter named Leonard but he was a very cute goat­boy with a yum­my ass XD

I at­tempt­ed to draw him again af­ter all the many years, though I al­so re­vamped his de­sign a bit...

Ap­par­ent­ly I had to draw that yum­my ass, too, or it wouldn't make any sense XD

My good friend Wahn had writ­ten the fol­low­ing adult fic­tion sto­ry, based on this il­lus­tra­tion. Re-post­ed with per­mis­sion, this sto­ry is al­so avail­able at the au­thor's Fu­rAf­fin­i­ty ac­count here.

Get­ting a Goat at the Black Mass

Sto­ry by Wahn

[France, 1692]

An­tho­ny silent­ly cursed to him­self as he strode over the grav­elled gar­den path to­wards the large and quite mag­nif­i­cent man­sion. Ar­riv­ing fash­ion­ably late af­ter man­ag­ing to get him­self in­vit­ed to one of the mar­quis of La Rochelle's very ex­clu­sive par­ties was one thing - over two hours af­ter it start­ed quite an­oth­er. Why did the wheel of the rent­ed coach have to break on that mis­be­got­ten, mud­dy, coast-side road! All of the busi­ness deals and con­tacts would have been made long be­fore, at the start of the par­ty... but maybe he could sal­vage some­thing from this fi­as­co yet.

Hand­ing over his long coat to a ser­vant, An­tho­ny was led in be­tween black cur­tains. Ah yes - black mag­ic was fash­ion­able again this year, and the mar­quis went for it with sin­gu­lar in­ten­si­ty. Maybe he hadn't missed all that much af­ter all, if the par­ty guests had played with black can­dles first, and he could... An­tho­ny's train of thought was brought to a grind­ing stop as he fi­nal­ly en­tered the lav­ish­ly dec­o­rat­ed "in­ner cham­bers" - can­dles on many-armed stands were every­where, giv­ing the room a gloomy at­mos­phere just per­fect for bored no­ble­men to get their kicks from a bit of mys­ti­cism. A mas­sive in­vert­ed pen­ta­gram hung on the biggest wall on the room, bear­ing some sig­ils and an over­laid goat's head - but what ac­tu­al­ly gave the young man pause was the wide, low ta­ble ta­ble and the pil­low on top of it, right in front of the "un­holy" sym­bol. On said pil­low, a naked goat-boy sat, grin­ning imp­ish­ly as he held a fas­ci­nat­ing bit of a body-twist­ing pose, with both his in­cred­i­bly flex­i­ble legs tucked be­hind the teenag­er's head.

Get­ting a wink from the cheeky boy and re­ply­ing with a smile, An­tho­ny looked around and found him­self a bit dis­ap­point­ed. There were bare­ly any peo­ple around in here. A ser­vant or two, qui­et­ly clean­ing up, but none of the movers and shak­ers in this part of France. They must all al­ready have... two men he knew some­what from oth­er par­ties sud­den­ly stum­bled in­to the room, both roar­ing­ly drunk, but some­how still stand­ing and even walk­ing by lean­ing against each oth­er in amused ine­bri­a­tion.

"Hey An­tho­ny - there you are. We had a S-SSS-seance ear­li­er!" one of them - Richard? Roque­fort? Some­thing like that - bawled loud­ly, then the oth­er guy An­tho­ny thought was called Jacques added, "And there look - that's Leonard the goat. You got­ta - got­ta - got­ta kiss him on the bum! It's lucky you know!" As he said that, his bud­dy snatched a half-filled bot­tle of wine off a pass­ing ser­vant, lead­ing the duo to al­most col­lapse - but still they some­how caught each oth­er, then reeled around and made it back through the door they came from. An­tho­ny could hear laugh­ter and hump­ing nois­es from there - no doubt a stair­way lay ahead, up in­to the up­per cham­bers. And from the sounds of it, the oth­er very fash­ion­able thing at such gath­er­ings - an or­gy - was go­ing on there.

An­tho­ny sighed - join­ing the drunk­en rev­els of al­ready half-ine­bri­at­ed lords and ladies wasn't re­al­ly worth his time. They wouldn't be any use to his busi­ness in­ter­ests in that state, and it was un­like­ly they'd even re­mem­ber him even if he did pound this or that no­ble­man in­to the sheets till the morn­ing. Let­ting his eye wan­der over the re­mains of the rau­cous par­ty down here, his gaze caught on the goat-boy again - now giv­ing him a sweet smile and mim­ing goat's horns with both hands. The young man re­al­ly did look quite mag­nif­i­cent, from his flaw­less body to the curved goat horns and the shin­ing rings pierc­ing his nip­ples and ear­lobes.

"Well, I guess I can use a bit of luck, you cheeky lad," An­tho­ny said in­to the al­most emp­ty room, then strode to­wards the large pen­ta­gram. As he start­ed to bend down, he said, "Hey there - I'm An­tho­ny." Giv­ing a flick with one fur­ry, pointy ear, the goat-boy replied while An­tho­ny kissed his tight bum, "Leonard. Nice to meet y- oh! Oooh!" The young vis­i­tor had stuck his face be­tween the teen's cheeks, not con­tent with just giv­ing him a kiss, but pok­ing his tongue at Leonard's puck­er to see what the goat-boy would do. The an­swer was - squirm around quite a bit, gig­gling - but al­so winc­ing as his mus­cles tensed.

"Hmm... you're a bit over­stretched it seems." An­tho­ny idly won­dered, look­ing in­to Leonard's blue eyes as the boy drew up his brows and nod­ded. Then he asked, "Have you been knot­ted up like that for the whole par­ty? You re­al­ly must be aching by now. Maybe I could help... want a mas­sage, lucky lit­tle goat?" An­tho­ny wig­gled his fin­gers in the air be­fore Leonard's head as he said this, giv­ing his best smile as he of­fered his ser­vices.

"Ohhh good sir, do I ever..." Leonard crooned, "My ass may be all wet but my back and shoul­ders are sooo crusty from stay­ing in the same pose so long..." He pulled his legs from where they were hooked be­hind the head, then put them down sur­face of the ta­ble. Stretch­ing his arms up­ward, Leonard arched his chest and tried to give him­self a good stretch, but stopped as this or that part of his body gave nasty crack­ing sounds. "Ouch... I feel I'd hon­est­ly do any­thing for a good mas­sage right now..." The goat boy then turned his smooth, slen­der back to An­tho­ny, look­ing imp­ish­ly over his shoul­der to watch An­tho­ny still wig­gling his fin­gers. With a gig­gle, he even wagged his lit­tle tail.

Af­ter a few sec­onds of be­ing struck speech­less by the sight of Leonard's lithe form and es­pe­cial­ly the cute tail... An­tho­ny gulped and found his voice again. "Well, let me take care of you for a while then. Can't be­lieve you didn't have a break all this time. Every­one just kiss­ing your ass for luck and no one think­ing how you feel."

He stepped over to ex­change a qui­et word with a near­by ser­vant, then moved to strad­dle the slen­der goat-boy's hips, kneel­ing over his low­er back. An­tho­ny set both hands on Leonard's shoul­ders, gen­tly squeez­ing tense mus­cles, then pressed in be­low with both thumbs, mov­ing them in cir­cling mo­tions. While do­ing so, the young man leaned for­ward and told a soft­ly groan­ing Leonard in a sooth­ing tone, "There, that's it. Just re­lax... let go of all the ten­sion." He slow­ly worked his fin­gers down the teen's back, mas­sag­ing aching mus­cles. A mo­ment lat­er, the ser­vant came back in the room and qui­et­ly hand­ed him a small clay bot­tle of olive oil. Then he slipped out be­tween the black cur­tains, leav­ing them alone.

"Thank you," An­tho­ny said af­ter the man as he walked off, then turned all his at­ten­tion back to Leonard. Open­ing the oil bot­tle and pour­ing a small amount in­to his cupped palm, he then rubbed both hands to­geth­er to make sure the liq­uid is nice and warm. Af­ter a mo­ment, he went on to spread the oil over all of Leonard's back and mas­saged it in with a bit more more in-depth knead­ing of the teen's mus­cles.

Leonard was deeply en­joy­ing this lit­tle break from his du­ties, sigh­ing in con­tent­ment as he could fi­nal­ly re­lax, ly­ing down and feel­ing An­tho­ny's warm, oiled hands work on his sen­si­tive back and sides. The man's hands firm grip at first felt a bit harsh on his body, but grad­u­al­ly the goat-boy re­laxed, his body al­most melt­ing in­to what­ev­er shape the man on top of him de­sired. He felt oh so thank­ful for the mas­sage, the re­lief and com­fort this stranger gave him - and be­fore he knew it, Leonard had to bite his lip to sup­press a qui­et moan, a sign of how very horny the close con­tact made him.

Slow­ly work­ing his way down­wards, An­tho­ny soon reached the mid­dle of Leonard's back and had to slide down­ward fur­ther so he wouldn't block the spot to work on next... which quick­ly put him in a quite in­de­cent po­si­tion on top of the cheeky goat boy. A flush of warmth spread over the man's cheeks as he re­al­ized just how firm­ly the bulge of his crotch was pressed against those slight­ly raised, tight buns...

Leonard took a deep breath as he felt An­tho­ny slide in­to place against him­self - and not just that, but al­so the hard­ness in the man's pants... grow­ing big­ger every sec­ond. The sen­sa­tion of warmth start­ing to build be­tween their pressed to­geth­er bod­ies made Leonard half open his mouth, not sure what to do... un­til he re­al­ized an eye-blink lat­er that his body knew full well what was best - and was al­ready rub­bing back gen­tly against the man's man­hood with small move­ments of its crotch. With fran­tic haste, Leonard's will tried to con­trol him­self - but the smooth voice of his li­bido pushed any con­cern aside, gloat­ing in the sure­ty that it was re­spon­si­ble for the man's erec­tion in the first place. The boy felt the larg­er male's stare on his back, his con­fu­sion... prob­a­bly anger?

Maybe he shouldn't have been so for­ward af­ter all, Leonard thought. Too afraid to turn to look in An­tho­ny's face, he be­gan to trem­ble a bit, not sure what was go­ing to hap­pen now. "I- I- please don't pun­ish me, mas­ter An­tho­ny, I... I didn't mean to do some­thing that for­ward, you were so kind to me and I... don't know how this hap­pened. I know I'm just sup­posed to serve for the mar­quis' guests en­ter­tain­ment, and..." Poor Leonard al­most start­ed weep­ing, know­ing what hap­pened to those who of­fend­ed pow­er­ful no­bles - he snif­fled and froze to per­fect still­ness un­der the man, tense for what­ev­er may come next.

An­tho­ny leaned for­ward, cov­er­ing Leonard's body with his and held him tight, then whis­pered in the goat-boy's ear, "You know... I'm not ac­tu­al­ly one of them ei­ther. A pure-blood hu­man. I just hide it bet­ter than most - and if you fit in, you can pros­per in the crowd." Sur­pris­ing him­self by open­ing up to this lit­tle beast-man, An­tho­ny let his forked tongue slip out to lick a baf­fled Leonard's cheek, be­fore he con­tin­ued, "So don't wor­ry about me, goat-boy..." It felt strange­ly good to have this cheeky lit­tle guy re­lax in his arms again, and he couldn't help but add, "Still... I think you should deal with what you've awok­en." With that, he did ac­tive­ly grind his crotch against Leonard's butt, mak­ing him give an ac­tu­al moan this time.

Leonard breathed quick­ly as lust flared up in­side him again, now that An­tho­ny's whis­pered words had put his fears to rest for the most part. The knowl­edge that this man was so ob­vi­ous­ly aroused by him made the teen al­most gid­dy with plea­sure. An­tho­ny was... nice. Very nice. And his will­ing­ness to think about oth­ers first, give him a mas­sage when he re­al­ly need­ed one, the lit­tle ca­ress­es in do­ing so... With an ea­ger lit­tle gig­gle, Leonard looked over his shoul­der, open­ing his mouth to... en­cour­age the man. But sud­den­ly, he hes­i­tat­ed... as if re­mem­ber­ing about some­thing, he half-spoke and half-bleat­ed in a quite un­sure voice, "It might not seeeem so, mas­ter An­tho­ny, but... I fear I have nev­er done this be­fore, oth­er­wise I wouldn't have got­ten this job... as they searched for vir­gin goat boys for this, erm... po­si­tion... I- I fear I might lose both my vir­gin­i­ty and my job if we con­tin­ued..."

Leonard kept qui­et for a mo­ment, won­der­ing if he was talk­ing too much, mak­ing things awk­ward be­tween them - but some­how, he got the feel­ing that An­tho­ny was lis­ten­ing at­ten­tive­ly and con­tin­ued, "P- Per­haps mas­ter An­tho­ny would like to call for one of the mar­quis' sweeeet harem boys who are not busy at the or­gy? Seeee, I'm noth­ing but a poor farmer's son, and one with beast-blood too. That's why oth­er no­ble men didn't stay in this room to have fun... All the per­fect, fair boys are up­stairs. If you had ar­rived ear­li­er you'd have heard the mar­quis ex­plain that these goat buns here are meant on­ly for kiss­ing in the rit­u­al, an ap- ...aper­i­tif for what sweet things are wait­ing in the oth­er rooms..."

As he talked, Leonard's rear con­tin­ued rub­bing against the man's crotch seem­ing­ly on its own, quick­ly draw­ing the goat-boy's at­ten­tion to the fact that An­tho­ny's cock grew even more promi­nent than it was be­fore, now re­al­ly pok­ing him in the butt hard. He im­me­di­ate­ly brought it back in line and pressed his hips down, look­ing al­most like he was ready to slap his own ass for mis­be­hav­ing. Ap­par­ent­ly there was a ma­jor fight go­ing on be­tween this vir­gin's mind and body, fear and lust, the an­gel and the dev­il in­side his head. In the very back of his mind the dev­il was telling him to go on and have fun, have ex­cus­es for the mar­quis lat­er that he was told he did not have the right to say 'no' to guests and that he just did his best to be en­ter­tain­ing. Per­haps he even would be pro­mot­ed to work in the mar­quis' harem, the lit­tle voice of temp­ta­tion told him. Mean­while, the lit­tle an­gel sound­ed just a lit­tle des­per­ate to get his point across, telling him to re­mem­ber his hard-work­ing fa­ther, his sick moth­er and his younger sis­ters who were all so hap­py with the mon­ey he was able to bring home re­cent­ly. How would he ex­plain to them that he'd lost such a hard-to-find job at the mar­quis' man­sion? The mo­ment he lost him­self if these thoughts, his rear made a yet an­oth­er rub against An­tho­ny who was still there, cu­ri­ous­ly study­ing the boy's in­ter­nal strug­gle...

His gaze flash­ing quick­ly over to the closed door to the up­per floor of the man­sion, be­fore be­ing in­evitably drawn back to linger on the naked boy be­fore him, An­tho­ny mulled things over in his head. Two months spent in this part of France so far, in­gra­ti­at­ing him­self with boor­ish provin­cial no­bles. He'd made some busi­ness con­tacts, but the grand coup was sup­posed to be tonight - and that mis­be­got­ten pot­hole had cost him the op­por­tu­ni­ty. So he would have to spend even more time here, away from the re­al cen­ter of things - naah, not if he could get this sweet goat-boy. This very cute, very... flex­i­ble boy. And a vir­gin to boot. So fuck those no­ble bas­tards - he'd be go­ing back home to­mor­row. And he didn't plan to go alone.

The de­ci­sion made, An­tho­ny turned his full at­ten­tion on Leonard now, a smile spread­ing over his face as hands got busy un­do­ing the but­tons of his shirt. A mo­ment lat­er, the young man leaned down over Leonard, slid­ing both hands over his smooth back, then around the sides of his slen­der body, and soon he was hold­ing the goat-boy against his naked chest, both arms wrapped around him from be­hind. As his fin­gers searched out the teen's nip­ples, brush­ing soft­ly over them and play­ing with the sil­ver rings dan­gling be­low, An­tho­ny whis­pered in­to Leonard's pointy ear, "You could be far more than just a shape­ly butt to be pa­rad­ed out for the mar­quis guests. If he can't see that... why, I might just have to steal you away. What do you say, boy? Wan­na let me take you to Paris?" Then he nib­bled at the ear he had been whis­per­ing in, at the same time as pinch­ing both the goat-boy's nip­ples.

Leonard moaned, "Ooohhh... P- Paris?!" - the last bit more a shocked bleek than nor­mal speech. For him, the largest city of France was pret­ty much a myth­i­cal place, akin to Olym­pus, At­lantis or oth­er things from sto­ries that he would nev­er see. He couldn't even imag­ine it, half a mil­lion peo­ple liv­ing in one place! That was more than all the vil­lages up and down the coast to­geth­er - far more. "You re­al­ly want to do that? Thank you! I nev­er dreamed of..." - his stream of words quick­ly ebbed as the goat-boy be­came a bit more thought­ful all of a sud­den. "But - but what would I do in Paris? For you, and... when you get tired of me?" His voice broke a bit as he added, "I - I'm noth­ing, re­al­ly. I don't even know if... if I'd be any good at... do­ing things with men for mon­ey."

An­tho­ny squeezed the teen's body as he trem­bled for a sec­ond, then said, "Oh, I didn't mean... no, you sweet sil­ly boy - I don't want you to be a whore, not mine or any­one's. Have you nev­er heard the word "gym­nast", Leonard?" The goat-boy twist­ed around a bit to look at An­tho­ny over his shoul­der with wide eyes, then gave a negat­ing flick of his ear, on­ly re­mem­ber­ing hu­man man­ner­isms a mo­ment lat­er and shak­ing his head. Once again tak­en with the sheer cute­ness of Leonard's ex­pres­sions, An­tho­ny gave the teen's cheek a gen­tle stroke, then ex­plained, "It's Greek, and means "he who ex­er­cis­es naked". With what you can do - what you were do­ing all day to­day - I think it wouldn't take much train­ing and peo­ple would pay just to see you move and stretch. You're a nat­ur­al tal­ent, Leonard! I bet you'd be the talk of all Paris if I can arrange a nice enough de­but."

Af­ter be­ing daz­zled for a mo­ment by the enor­mous op­por­tu­ni­ty An­tho­ny had laid out be­fore him, Leonard gulped, then found him­self say­ing, "Take me, please." And he meant it - in any sense of the word. So much so that he im­me­di­ate­ly fol­lowed up by stretch­ing his neck to give An­tho­ny an im­pul­sive kiss on the lips, which the man read­i­ly ac­cept­ed and re­turned with ea­ger plea­sure. Plans and schemes, wor­ries and fears - all were for­got­ten as their tongues wres­tled with each oth­er and naked skin was touched and stroked. Soon, An­tho­ny's hands wan­dered down to­wards his crotch and were hasti­ly un­do­ing the but­tons of his pan­taloons, with Leonard blind­ly grop­ing be­hind his back to "help". When the trousers fell open, he in­stant­ly had the man's hard mem­ber be­tween his fin­gers. Squeez­ing and stroking it, he felt some rather un­ex­pect­ed fea­tures...

"Told you I'm not quite hu­man," An­tho­ny chuck­led, then kissed the goat-boy on the shoul­der and lift­ed him­self up on his knees, giv­ing Leonard more room. "Turn around," the man added, then watched with in­ter­est how his younger friend twist­ed and wig­gled around, un­til they were front to front. Grin­ning down at him, An­tho­ny gave Leonard an­oth­er quick peck on the lips, then held his erec­tion up be­sides the goat-boy's own. It was quite a bit longer and thick­er than Leonard's own shaft - as on­ly might be ex­pect­ed by a ful­ly grown man mea­sur­ing up to a teen - but what sur­prised the goat-boy were the tiny scales cov­er­ing the man's crotch, fad­ing over in­to smooth skin all around. An­tho­ny's hu­man cock had pushed out of a sort of dra­con­ic pouch, stand­ing proud­ly now that it left the pro­tec­tive sheath. "Ha - it's the on­ly thing I ever got from my grand-grand­fa­ther. Well, that and this -" *wig­gling his forked tongue* "Yeah sure, drag­ons are ma­jes­tic and all... but when they sweep in and grab some vir­gin girl, bare­ly any­one asks about the af­ter­math. I hear he's in Per­sia, these days. But let's get to the good part, hm?"

Leonard was still a bit shocked hav­ing fi­nal­ly seen the mem­ber he was so ea­ger to take in just a few mo­ments ago. But those were on­ly words, and now the re­al­i­ty it­self was right in front of him, so very hard - and with a strange­ly at­trac­tive, very promi­nent head. He had nev­er seen a cut cock be­fore, so the boy was rather sur­prised at its look. "Where is your - you know, skin" Leonard asked, while reach­ing out to gen­tly touch the glans of An­tho­ny's hu­man pe­nis. That made the man chuck­le as he replied, "The fore­skin you mean? I nev­er had one to be­gin with... guess it'd be a bit un­nec­es­sary, with the sheath and all. Ac­cept­ing the man's ex­cit­ing new anato­my now that his cu­rios­i­ty had been sat­is­fied, Leonard couldn't help but stroke it a few more times. He bit his low­er lip, look­ing at An­tho­ny, so ea­ger to try it out right away, but the man stopped him for a sec­ond, reach­ing for the bot­tle of olive oil and pour­ing a bit on the tip of his male mem­ber. Leonard smiled and grabbed the man's erec­tion in his fin­gers, smear­ing and mas­sag­ing the oil over the whole shaft.

"Ahh, I just can't wait any more, mas­ter An­tho­ny," Leonard said in a breath­less pant, his voice trem­bling from the temp­ta­tion. Then he wig­gled up on the pil­low a bit, far enough to pull his slen­der legs out from un­der the kneel­ing man, spread­ing and tens­ing them to raise his tight lit­tle butt. With his cute goat's tail wag­ging ex­cit­ed­ly, the young teen inched clos­er to An­tho­ny again, soon rub­bing his butt-cheeks against the man's oiled male­ness, try­ing to feel its tip against his sen­si­tive in­no­cent puck­er. An­tho­ny lets him play around like that for a while, but fi­nal­ly has to reach down and use his hand to help the vir­gin boy to aim it just right. An eye-blink lat­er, the tip slow­ly slid in and end­ed up buried in­side at a pret­ty good depth for some­one who nev­er did this be­fore.

Feel­ing the re­sis­tance of his ring's mus­cles, the goat boy moved up a bit and then slid down again, re­peat­ing these slight move­ments with breath­less con­cen­tra­tion, try­ing to re­lax to the stretch­ing and take as much more as he could with each move. Af­ter all, he en­joyed tak­ing on new im­pos­si­ble pos­es all the time - and of all the things he knew in life, he knew the most about how to stretch him­self quick­ly and ef­fec­tive­ly. It seemed that An­tho­ny even en­joyed these lit­tle move­ments rub­bing the very tip of his cock, groan­ing in arousal as Leonard took it deep­er and deep­er.

Leonard stopped just a for a lit­tle bit to re­lax af­ter this in­tense work­out of his ring's mus­cles. "Ah­hh," he sighed deeply, "I've nev­er felt so stretched be­fore... it feels so good..." Then he reached up to hook a hand be­hind An­tho­ny's neck, pulling his up­per body close to the man and giv­ing him a long kiss. Al­most on their own, An­tho­ny's arms closed around Leonard's back, hold­ing the boy tight­ly while his en­trance's mus­cles were adapt­ing to the stretch. As they con­tin­ued to make out like that, the goat boy slow­ly pulled his hips clos­er and clos­er to his part­ner's crotch, us­ing both slen­der legs hooked around the man's body. Soon, he felt the light tick­le of An­tho­ny's pu­bic hair against him­self, fol­lowed by the soft touch of his balls press­ing against his skin.

"I did it! It's all in," the goat-boy said ex­cit­ed­ly, giv­ing An­tho­ny an­oth­er quick peck on the lips be­fore con­tin­u­ing, "You make me feel soo good. It's... so nice and warm, fill­ing me up. Is it al­ways this good?" That in­no­cent ques­tion made the man chuck­le as he replied, "My dear Leonard, this is just the start." And with that, An­tho­ny low­ered his lit­tle gym­nast to the pil­low again, plant­i­ng him to rest with his back pressed se­cure­ly against its soft ex­panse, then start­ed to pull his thick shaft out of the boy. Leonard sighed in plea­sure as the cock start­ed to slide along his in­ner walls... then gave a lit­tle gasp as the un­der­side rubbed a very sen­si­tive spot just the right way.

"Oh," he breathed soft­ly, fol­lowed by, "Ooooh, yes!" and "Yeahh! Again please!" as An­tho­ny's shaft slow­ly slid out of his hole, even­tu­al­ly just leav­ing in the cock­head to hold his open­ing stretched with the very tip. The horny man leaned over the slen­der form un­der him and plant­ed his lips on Leonard's, giv­ing him a deep kiss just as he thrust in, muf­fling the goat-boy's scream of plea­sure at his first prop­er pen­e­tra­tion. An­tho­ny's hu­man cock had a slight up­wards curve to it, al­low­ing him to glide deep with gen­tle ease and bump the boy's prostate re­al­ly good - fol­lowed by a quick­er pull back out this time. The rapid suc­ces­sion of the man's erec­tion mov­ing in and out past his tight­ly clench­ing ring re­duced Leonard to a mewl­ing state of arousal, melt­ing in­to the pil­low in a lust-filled pud­dle, eyes rolled back and to­tal­ly re­laxed.

In the pleas­ant haze he was in, Leonard read­ied him­self for the next deep thrust - which didn't come, to the baf­fled sur­prise of his sex-ad­dled mind. In­stinc­tive­ly, he tried wig­gling down against the hot shaft bring­ing so much plea­sure, but strong hands held on to his chest un­der the arms and didn't al­low him to move. Then even­tu­al­ly he calmed down enough to blink open his eyes and reg­is­ter the mix­ture of aroused con­cern and plea­sure in An­tho­ny's face as the man was lean­ing over him. "You okay, my lucky goat-boy? Didn't mean to fuck your brains out, so I thought I'd give you a mo­ment," he said in a jok­ing tone, though Leonard could sense the gen­uine feel­ing be­hind it. Just like be­fore with the mas­sage, this man took the time to care for him - a far dif­fer­ent sit­u­a­tion than he had ex­pect­ed to be in even­tu­al­ly... bent over and used as just an­oth­er sex toy in the mar­quis' harem.

"More than okay, mas­ter An­tho­ny," Leonard bleeked hap­pi­ly, giv­ing the man a cheeky grin, then added, "But I'll be even bet­ter if you go on now. I - I need more." That brought a smile to An­tho­ny's face, fol­lowed by a moaned, "You asked for it, my sexy gym­nast!" And with that, he slid his long shaft right back in­to the goat-boy, draw­ing the first of many a lusty gasp from Leonard as he start­ed fuck­ing him in earnest now.

Glid­ing right in, then lean­ing back a bit for the pull out
, An­tho­ny knew very well how to give the most plea­sure he could to any man - but there was some­thing spe­cial about this goat-boy. Things had just kind of... clicked be­tween them, mak­ing him feel gid­dy with lust ...and maybe some­thing more... af­ter each kiss. Plus the sex dri­ve of this randy lit­tle fel­low was some­thing to be­hold - a vir­gin just min­utes be­fore, the lit­tle minx ac­tu­al­ly start­ed ac­tive­ly lift­ing his butt again be­fore long, twist­ing and flex­ing his hips to milk An­tho­ny's cock while it was in his hole.

Be­tween the two of them, groans, grunts and moans filled the man­sion's rit­u­al cham­ber. Soon a new tone of ur­gency rose in Leonard's voice, show­ing the depth of his need as he begged, "Unnngh - deep­er please. F- *gasp* fuck me hard, mas­ter An­tho­ny." More than hap­py to ful­fill his young part­ner's re­quest, the man took all the stops out and re­al­ly gave the goat-boy a ride - ram­ming it all in, then grind­ing his crotch tight­ly against Leonard's ass be­fore pulling out in a flash and hav­ing an­oth­er go. And with such vig­or­ous ac­tion, it didn't take long un­til the fresh­ly-de­flow­ered boy gave a star­tled gasp, shud­der­ing and twitch­ing in breath­less in­ten­si­ty as he came for the first time with­out touch­ing him­self.

Long spurts of cum blast­ed out of the teen's fierce­ly erect shaft, arc­ing through the air to splat all over his chest. Mean­while, An­tho­ny had the plea­sure of ba­si­cal­ly be­ing jerked off in­side the tight­ly grip­ping hole he was in - as the goat-boy's in­ner walls trem­bled, just as the rest of his mus­cles did. So bare­ly an eye-blink lat­er, he joined Leonard in or­gasm, grip­ping the teen tight­ly around the hips as he ground his crotch against that shape­ly butt and blast­ed his load deep in­side, for­ev­er claim­ing the spot of be­ing the first in the naughty goat. "
Mm­m­m­m­m­M­MM! That feels soo nice," Leonard pant­ed, wrap­ping his arms around An­tho­ny's chest to pull him­self close for a kiss. "I can feel it pulse in­side, fill­ing me more and more. Thank you, mas­ter An­tho­ny."

Hold­ing on to the slen­der teen, An­tho­ny gave him a gen­tle stroke over the back, then said, "No, thank you - for hav­ing such a very lucky and kiss­able butt." One hand wan­dered down to rub the base of Leonard's tail. "I thought I'd be blow­ing off some bore of a no­ble­man by now. Es­tab­lish­ing busi­ness con­nec­tions, you know... in­stead, I'm now with a tru­ly pret­ty and amaz­ing cutie." Leonard blushed at the praise, though he couldn't help but bask a bit in the phys­i­cal close­ness and nice feel­ings their cou­pling had brought. He took a deep breath, gath­er­ing up all his brav­ery to ask, "Can... we do that again? It was soo amaz­ing!" "Ha - jump­ing in the deep end of the lake I see. I'd love to, but we do have to get away from here quick­ly, you know. Can't run the chance that the mar­quis finds me mak­ing off - or mak­ing out, with his no longer quite as vir­gin goat-boy," the man said, giv­ing Leonard an­oth­er play­ful thrust.

They en­joyed each oth­er for a short while longer, mak­ing out as they did, un­til even­tu­al­ly An­tho­ny's cock be­came soft enough to slip out of the goat boy's fresh­ly bred hole on its own. "Well, time to get go­ing I guess," the man said, dis­en­tan­gling him­self from the slen­der teen af­ter giv­ing him a last kiss. As An­tho­ny put his clothes back in or­der, Leonard lounged for a mo­ment longer on the pil­low, still try­ing to catch up with the fact that all of this could be hap­pen­ing to him, was hap­pen­ing to him. An­tho­ny pulled him out of his thoughts by say­ing, "Come on. Get your clothes and we'll be off." At that sug­ges­tion, Leonard squirmed a lit­tle in his spot, ex­plain­ing, "I don't know where my stuff is. Be­fore the par­ty, I had to take it all off and then was dressed for the oc­ca­sion by the ser­vants. So there's just this here..."

Rolling over to­wards the edge of the ta­ble and stretch­ing him­self to reach down, Leonard gave An­tho­ny a very en­tic­ing view, with his tight butt raised high, then he pulled a quite... in­ter­est­ing piece of cloth­ing in­to sight. It seemed to con­sist most­ly of thin leather straps, held to­geth­er by all kinds of met­al rings and shiny buck­les. A mi­nus­cule tri­an­gle of goat fur com­plet­ed the piece, too small to hide lit­er­al­ly any­thing. An­tho­ny felt his trousers be­come pret­ty tight at the front as his mind in­vari­ably moved to imag­in­ing Leonard in the sexy har­ness, tak­ing one sug­ges­tive pose af­ter an­oth­er.

Even though re­luc­tant to let go of the nice men­tal im­age, An­tho­ny shook his head to clear it, then said, "We'll... take that. De­fin­i­tive­ly. But it's cold out­side and you need some­thing to keep you warm. I had to buy a horse from a farmer af­ter that stu­pid wheel broke, so it's no pro­tect­ed trav­el as in a coach." Let­ting his eyes wan­der over the room, he silent­ly wished for some­one to have for­got­ten their coat or some­thing like that - to no avail. A mo­ment lat­er, the an­swer that had been start­ing him right in the face dawned on the man, and he took a few steps, then wrenched a black vel­vet cur­tain from its fas­ten­ing and held it out for Leonard. Soon, the goat-boy was snug­gling in­to a warm wrap and looked ready to go.

An­tho­ny led Leonard out of the rit­u­al cham­ber, and the two of them ran in­to a ser­vant mop­ping the en­trance hall, busi­ly re­mov­ing the mud­dy tracks of many a no­ble­man's shoe. As the man raised his head to give them a cu­ri­ous look, An­tho­ny smiled and reached down to the purse on his belt while qui­et­ly say­ing, "Ah, per­fect. I had hoped I wouldn't have to call some­one and at­tract too much at­ten­tion. Here, catch!" He flipped a coin to­wards the sur­prised man, mak­ing every­one's eyes fol­low the arch of the gold­en disc, tum­bling end over end through the air. And the young man did in­deed catch it - fol­lowed by him go­ing pale in shock a mo­ment lat­er as he re­al­ized what he was hold­ing in his hand.

Clos­ing the dis­tance be­tween them with a few steps, An­tho­ny dropped an ad­di­tion­al coin - small­er and sil­ver this time - in the ser­vant's hand. "That's for you, if you give your mas­ter the oth­er to­mor­row - and not be­fore noon. Keep qui­et about any­thing you saw right now un­til then." Hur­ried­ly nod­ding, the man was still too shocked to bring out more than a stut­tered, "Oui mon­sieur." A mo­ment lat­er, af­ter An­tho­ny and his young com­pan­ion were out the door, Leonard got over him­self and bleeked, "That - that was a Louis d'Or! You could buy a whole pig with that!" The man who had tak­en his vir­gin­i­ty chuck­led, putting an arm around the goat-boy as he joked, "Bet­ter learn to squeal nice­ly then. But no - you were wrong... it was a Dou­ble Louis."

Leonard gasped at how ca­su­al­ly this man had just hand­ed over enough mon­ey to buy a cow. "But, but..." he sput­tered, be­fore An­tho­ny drew him in and plant­ed a kiss on his lips. When they pulled apart a long mo­ment lat­er, he let his hand wan­der down the goat-boy's chest, teas­ing a nip­ple bear­ing a shiny sil­ver ring. "It wouldn't do to get a rep­u­ta­tion as a thief, you know." The teen went a bit pale and his hands flew up to feel the ear­rings he al­so wore. He got as far as, "Oh! Um..." be­fore An­tho­ny raised the bun­dle of straps and buck­les form­ing the light leather har­ness he wore ear­li­er that day. Wig­gling that with a bit of creak­ing and tin­kling, An­tho­ny con­tin­ued, "Be­tween this, the jew­el­ry and... your cloak, we're at not quite eigh­teen livre I'd say. The mar­quis will be laugh­ing about how much I over­paid him - un­til he fi­nal­ly re­al­izes what a trea­sure I stole from him to­day.

Flush­ing bright­ly at... at the un­usu­al feel­ing of be­ing want­ed, be­ing val­ued so high­ly, Leonard gave a hap­py lit­tle sigh at the smil­ing man and stretched a bit to give him a peck on the cheek. "Thank you. I - I don't know what to say. This is so great, so nice - I could nev­er even have dreamed some­thing like this." Arm in arm, they start­ed walk­ing down the path to­wards the sta­bles. Af­ter a few mo­ments, the goat boy hes­i­tat­ed again, then said qui­et­ly, in a slight­ly fright­ened tone as if not want­i­ng to break the mo­ment, "Um... I'm sor­ry, but... my feet are re­al­ly cold."

Look­ing down the goat-boy's slen­der body, wrapped in black vel­vet as it was, An­tho­ny's gaze fell up­on the boy's slen­der an­kles and nar­row feet, stand­ing on the cold stones of the grav­el path. And he couldn't wrap him­self up all the way down ei­ther, not if he want­ed to walk, which left the low­er half of Leonard's legs cov­ered in goose­bumps. "Oh, sor­ry for drag­ging you out in the cold. My mis­take. Didn't even think of shoes," An­tho­ny said, slap­ping him­self on the fore­head light­ly, and Leonard replied, "It's okay, I've been cold and bare­foot be­fore. One learns to - hey!" He couldn't help but squeal, then gig­gle, as An­tho­ny sim­ply picked him up, pulling the vel­vet sheet down to warm all of Leonard as he car­ried him.

And like that, they left the mar­quis' man­sion. An­tho­ny did even­tu­al­ly bribe a sta­ble-boy out of his clothes a short while lat­er when they picked up his horse, giv­ing Leonard some­thing to wear as they rode through the night. Some hours lat­er, they left in the over­land coach leav­ing for Paris, lit­er­al­ly at the crack of dawn. Thus, they start­ed their trip to Paris and the ad­ven­tures that fol­lowed... asleep, tired but hap­py as they leaned against each oth­er in the jostling wag­on.

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