Wondrous Movements

All NSFW content is hidden. Click here if you want to unhide it. "The kettle drums beat and the tables were spread with meats of all kinds and there came performers who paraded their tricks. Merchant Ma'aruf sat upon a throne in a parlour and the players and gymnasts and effeminates and dancing-men of wondrous movements and posture-makers of marvellous cunning came before him, whilst he called out to the treasurer and said to him, "Bring gold and silver." So he brought gold and silver and Ma'aruf went round among the spectators and largessed each performer by the handful; and he gave alms to the poor and needy and clothes to the naked and it was a clamorous festival and a right merry."

- The Thousand Nights and a Night
I'm really hoping to draw a full scale illustration for this excerpt someday, but so far i felt like i don't have the guts for that XD But i just had to draw something, so here's one of these flexible effeminates :3

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