Wondrous Movements

"The ket­tle drums beat and the ta­bles were spread with meats of all kinds and there came per­form­ers who pa­rad­ed their tricks. Mer­chant Ma'aruf sat up­on a throne in a par­lour and the play­ers and gym­nasts and ef­fem­i­nates and danc­ing-men of won­drous move­ments and pos­ture-mak­ers of mar­vel­lous cun­ning came be­fore him, whilst he called out to the trea­sur­er and said to him, "Bring gold and sil­ver." So he brought gold and sil­ver and Ma'aruf went round among the spec­ta­tors and largessed each per­former by the hand­ful; and he gave alms to the poor and needy and clothes to the naked and it was a clam­orous fes­ti­val and a right mer­ry."

- The Thou­sand Nights and a Night

I'm re­al­ly hop­ing to draw a full scale il­lus­tra­tion for this ex­cerpt some­day, but so far i felt like i don't have the guts for that XD But i just had to draw some­thing, so here's one of these flex­i­ble ef­fem­i­nates :3

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