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These sexy hip­pie tree lovers from Fun­gaard sure make it hard to tell if they're male or fe­male be­cause both gen­ders fan­cy their breasts to be as large as they can grow them!

How is that they can "grow" them? Boobs are not some mel­ons! Well, that's the main fea­ture of their home­land: the mag­i­cal mush­rooms that al­low to grad­u­al­ly al­ter the phys­i­cal body. Af­ter many cen­turies of re­search, these al­ter­ations can now be pre­dict­ed and even con­trolled.

Lucky if you can find a good witch who can guide you through the process of al­ter­ation to give you the body YOU de­sire. But be warned that most of them are on­ly in­ter­est­ed in their re­search­es and would sim­ply splash a mind-con­trol­ling po­tion at you, turn­ing you in­to their newest lab rat, even­tu­al­ly al­ter­ing your body in most (un)fun­ny ways...

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