Wild Life: Martin and Erika

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The mat­ing of li­ons usu­al­ly starts in the ear­ly morn­ing, as they slow­ly crawl out of their beds and start search­ing for the near­est bot­tle of oil, which they care­ful­ly rub in­to each oth­er's bod­ies. This part is im­por­tant, as it al­lows the li­on and the li­oness to warm up their mus­cles af­ter the rest and pre­pare for an­oth­er long day of the mat­ing sea­son.

Ap­par­ent­ly this teen li­on can't get enough of his fe­male part­ner, tak­ing his time work­ing with every part of her freck­led body. The li­oness main­ly fo­cus­es on the crotch of the li­on, mak­ing sure the main tool of mat­ing is well prepped for the ac­tion.

Af­ter their bod­ies are cov­ered with a thick lay­er of oil, the now ex­treme­ly aroused li­on and the li­oness be­gin to lov­ing­ly wres­tle, which is al­so an im­por­tant part dur­ing which the male can feel his man­ly pow­er over his slight­ly weak­er fe­male com­pan­ion.

It is very nec­es­sary to de­vel­op the in­spi­ra­tion re­quired for hours of mat­ing to come, but the li­oness doesn't let him win over her too eas­i­ly, to make sure that the male is strong enough to be the fa­ther of her fu­ture cubs.

Even­tu­al­ly, the slight­ly ex­haust­ed li­oness play­ful­ly spreads her legs to the sheer en­joy­ment of the young li­on. To show him­self and fur­ther prove his strength, the li­on grabs the li­oness's legs and stretch­es them fur­ther apart. The fe­male purrs of plea­sure and ex­cite­ment but soon starts naugh­ti­ly bit­ing the male li­on's lips as they keep thirsti­ly kiss­ing, to show that he's quite over­do­ing it with the stretch­ing.

Af­ter let­ting her on­ly a few mo­ments to re­lax, the li­on goes back to spread­ing her legs fur­ther and fur­ther un­til they're fi­nal­ly wide enough and the li­on him­self is ready for the main part.

We will be back to the most in­ter­est­ing part short­ly af­ter the com­mer­cials.

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