All NSFW content is hidden. Click here if you want to unhide it. "He's gorgeous and frightening. Like a storm ready to rip the landscape apart." - I5Spiders

Thanks to this comment I got the idea of expanding the allegory series with natural phenomena! :3
Whirlwind is a vertically oriented rotating column of air, or in less scientific language, a real twister! :3

Quite probably there's nothing else in the world that can twist around more than Whirlwind. Alas, only Whirlwind himself thinks that's super cool, while everybody else has to run away and stay as far as possible, even though everyone is both frightened and amazed by Whirlwind's appearance.

When it comes to destructive powers, Whirlwind is a real demon!

Whirlwind comes in two main fashions. First, the great whirlwinds: tornadoes, waterspouts and landspots. The lesser whirlwinds are less harmful but can also be dangerous: dust devils, steam devils, snow devils, leaf devils, hay devils, and many other forms depending on what these devils wanted to play with.


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