"He's gor­geous and fright­en­ing. Like a storm ready to rip the land­scape apart." - I5Spi­ders

Thanks to this com­ment I got the idea of ex­pand­ing the al­le­go­ry se­ries with nat­ur­al phe­nom­e­na! :3

Whirl­wind is a ver­ti­cal­ly ori­ent­ed ro­tat­ing col­umn of air, or in less sci­en­tif­ic lan­guage, a re­al twister! :3

Quite prob­a­bly there's noth­ing else in the world that can twist around more than Whirl­wind. Alas, on­ly Whirl­wind him­self thinks that's su­per cool, while every­body else has to run away and stay as far as pos­si­ble, even though every­one is both fright­ened and amazed by Whirl­wind's ap­pear­ance.

When it comes to de­struc­tive pow­ers, Whirl­wind is a re­al de­mon!

Whirl­wind comes in two main fash­ions. First, the great whirl­winds: tor­na­does, wa­ter­spouts and landspots. The less­er whirl­winds are less harm­ful but can al­so be dan­ger­ous: dust dev­ils, steam dev­ils, snow dev­ils, leaf dev­ils, hay dev­ils, and many oth­er forms de­pend­ing on what these dev­ils want­ed to play with.

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