Where's Your God Now

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"What's God's cur­rent dis­po­si­tion? Speak!"

"I'm not telling you any­thing, de­mon!"

"Tche. I'm gonna bend you over in a sec­ond loop if you don't talk!"

"How's the in­tero­ga­tion go­ing?"

"He's not talk­ing, Lord Lu­cifer."

"Damn. We need to know where God has moved for our fi­nal strike. Have you tried tick­ling?"

"N- no, wait wait, no tick­ling, I'll tell... I'll tell every­thing!!!"


"G- God.. God is on Al­pha Cen­tau­ri!"

"A HA!"

"M.. may I have a re­quest, now that I told the truth?" The an­gel begged as his ha­lo dis­ap­peared.

"Hmm. Gonna ask for a re­ward?"

"Sor­ta. Can I please join the demons? Now that God learned I be­trayed him, he took away my ha­lo... I can't go back to Heav­en with­out it. Please please, I can wear fake horns and I even know a cou­ple of curs­ing words... umm... Bitch... and... c-.. c-... cock­suck­er!"

"Lord Lu­cifer, if I may sug­gest mak­ing this one my per­son­al squire. He is quite fun to play with."

"Sure thing. Wel­come to hell!"

Sooo I've nev­er giv­en my an­gels any spe­cial qual­i­ties and fi­nal­ly there's some­thing! Ba­si­cal­ly, an­gels have those ha­los, those ha­los are a spe­cial pro­tec­tion from God and a source of in­vul­ner­a­bil­i­ty. The bod­ies of an­gels who have ha­los can­not be de­stroyed, no mat­ter what's done to them the ha­lo would just pull them back to­geth­er, as a spe­cial perk from God!

The ha­lo can on­ly be lost if the an­gel goes in­to the Non Servi­am mode even for a frac­tion of a sec­ond. That's how Lu­cifer lost his own ha­lo and so all the demons know about this per­fect­ly well. Adam and Eve lost their ha­los the same way. All oth­er an­gels still have ha­los, so un­like all oth­er crea­tures in the uni­verse their bod­ies are in­vul­ner­a­ble. An­gels may be wimps but they're in­vul­ner­a­ble wimps...

On one hand, it's gonna make it a lot of fun play­ing with cap­tive an­gels. On the oth­er hand, demons would have to be very cun­ning and use a lot of trick­ery to make the an­gels lose their ha­los, as it seems to be the on­ly way for Lu­cifer to win in the fi­nal bat­tle. One an­gel at a time...

BTW, as you can see I didn't fin­ish this pic­ture..

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