Where's Your God Now

All NSFW content is hidden. Click here if you want to unhide it. "What's God's current disposition? Speak!"

"I'm not telling you anything, demon!"

"Tche. I'm gonna bend you over in a second loop if you don't talk!"

"How's the interogation going?"

"He's not talking, Lord Lucifer."

"Damn. We need to know where God has moved for our final strike. Have you tried tickling?"

"N- no, wait wait, no tickling, I'll tell... I'll tell everything!!!"


"G- God.. God is on Alpha Centauri!"

"A HA!"

"M.. may I have a request, now that I told the truth?" The angel begged as his halo disappeared.

"Hmm. Gonna ask for a reward?"

"Sorta. Can I please join the demons? Now that God learned I betrayed him, he took away my halo... I can't go back to Heaven without it. Please please, I can wear fake horns and I even know a couple of cursing words... umm... Bitch... and... c-.. c-... cocksucker!"

"Lord Lucifer, if I may suggest making this one my personal squire. He is quite fun to play with."

"Sure thing. Welcome to hell!"
Sooo I've never given my angels any special qualities and finally there's something! Basically, angels have those halos, those halos are a special protection from God and a source of invulnerability. The bodies of angels who have halos cannot be destroyed, no matter what's done to them the halo would just pull them back together, as a special perk from God!

The halo can only be lost if the angel goes into the Non Serviam mode even for a fraction of a second. That's how Lucifer lost his own halo and so all the demons know about this perfectly well. Adam and Eve lost their halos the same way. All other angels still have halos, so unlike all other creatures in the universe their bodies are invulnerable. Angels may be wimps but they're invulnerable wimps...

On one hand, it's gonna make it a lot of fun playing with captive angels. On the other hand, demons would have to be very cunning and use a lot of trickery to make the angels lose their halos, as it seems to be the only way for Lucifer to win in the final battle. One angel at a time...

BTW, as you can see I didn't finish this picture..

Hope you like! :3 You can also find this work here:

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