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What the Future Folds

In the far, far future the art of contortionism will surpass everything we know about the human body!

Basil gives us a sneak peek in his brand new futuristic show at his nightclub!

"I think in the future stretching will feel a lot more like bodybuilding rather than some medieval torture. Challenging at first but a lot of fun in the long run!" says Basil. "It took me years of practice to come to the point where stretching doesn't hurt me at all anymore, but I think in the future they will invent something to make it even easier!"

If Basil is right, the teens of the future will fancy a whole new sport of turning themselves into literal human transformers! But Basil has a special futuristic dream of his own...

"I'm into racing cars and I think in the future there should be one made for contortionists. As for the name, how about Hyper-Mobile? Imagine hundreds of contortionists fighting to become the face of the big companies that produce these cars, and they have these designs that can challenge the most flexible bodies!"

Using his imagination, Basil has already prepared a show for his nightclub, based on the idea of what promotional ads for these car models might look like. A teenager who's crazy about the new car model, dreaming day and night to finally try it out! But there's only a few weeks left before the release, so he spends hours a day to prepare himself for the big day!

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