Waist of Time

I want­ed to prac­tice draw­ing a Side­view Bat­tle en­e­my, try­ing to im­i­tate the style of the stan­dard en­e­mies that come to­geth­er with RPG Mak­er MV, a new soft­ware that al­lows any­body to cre­ate their own RPGs for the web :3

This is a Time Mage who be­lieves that it's pos­si­ble to stop time by what he calls "nar­row­ing the hour­glass". He is 85 years old and has sil­ver hair but the body of a 20 years old! I guess his method works? But in his dai­ly strug­gle against Time, he needs to seek help of more and more pow­er­ful min­ions to fur­ther nar­row that "hour­glass" he calls his own. But now it's time to end his mis­ery and bring back all the stolen Time!!

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