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Up From The Tombs It Cums

Sir Lichard Thombson grows an army of haters after getting even more skinny than before!

"Every time this year
This dark fog will appear
Up from the tombs it cums
To take one more head that can be near

In the middle of Transylvania
All "natural" life has for a long time ago gone
It's thin and so beautiful
But also so dark and androgynous...

Fuuuunnnneeerrrrraaaal FOG!"

MAYHEM - Funeral Fog

Somebody please feed the poor baby!! Too bad he only eats cock :3

Anyways, there's another one of Lichard and we once again learn more about him, in particular about the only thing his body is able to digest. Looks like he doesn't give a fog about being called anorexic.

#Lichard #nudism #penor #undead #waist cinching
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