Twist Me Gently

All NSFW content is hidden. Click here if you want to unhide it. Twist Me Gently WIPI got the idea of this kamasutra contortion position all of a sudden and simply couldn't resist the temptation to draw it! The characters here are Aaulin and Aorev from the Oriental tribe, they belong to Aldric whose works inspired me very much to draw this ^-^ I previously drew the same characters in this work:

Elven JewelsIn the Oriental tribe contortionism is a very popular art, the elves simply love such things as body bending, twisting and making their waists very small with corsets and belts. Their society is very tribal, so such things are seen as very beautiful and flexibility is appreciated very much by everyone.

It is believed that flexibility is a divine quality and most elves do all kinds of exercises that improve their flexibility. Contortion is even taught at school as a very common thing. But that's of course not extreme contortion.

Extreme contortion is a form of art practiced only by few and it has special teachers who usually pass their art from generation to generation and not to just anybody.

One of these teachers, Emaryl, was one of the most respected trainers. He was once testing several little elves to determine who has the best potential to continue the line of contortionists which Emaryl represented. This is how he first found Aaulin, the long-haired elf in this picture.

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