Tropical Birds

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Bendy­birds are a fam­i­ly--Ben­di­dae--of seabirds found across trop­i­cal and sub­trop­i­cal oceans.

They have pre­dom­i­nate­ly naked skin, beau­ti­ful ath­let­ic pro­por­tions and silky soft long hair on their heads. Fe­males have shaved pubes and males have a dis­trinc­tive tes­tic­u­lar pouch, which they show off dur­ing the breed­ing sea­son to at­tract fe­males.
Their long wings (male wingspan can reach 2.3 me­ters (7.5 ft) have ten toes at the ends, five on each wing. The lack of tail gives these birds a typ­i­cal up­side down 'T' sil­hou­ette when ful­ly spread. The up­per wings are short and weak, used main­ly for ad­di­tion­al bal­ance.

Able to en­joy for days the warmth of the sun, bendy­birds spend most of the day in flight, try­ing to find out how much fur­ther they can spread their wings. When­ev­er bored with that, they switch to breed­ing. The du­ra­tion of the breed­ing process is among the longest of any bird species, al­though bendy­birds are on­ly able to breed once or twice per hour. The fre­quen­cy and in­ten­si­ty of breed­ing in­creas­es by night­time un­til at some point they fall asleep in the mid­dle of the process, on­ly to con­tin­ue from where they left off on the next day.

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