Three of Disks

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I was talk­ing with my friend I5Spi­ders about the Tarot Cards quite a bit late­ly, in par­tic­u­lar about the Thoth Tarot deck cre­at­ed by Aleis­ter Crow­ley, so these talks in­spired me to try mak­ing a cou­ple of cards with Yu­nia re­lat­ed de­sign and sto­ries.

Hope you'll en­joy them! ^-^

King­dom: Sh­oldor
Theme: Work / Peas­ants
Yu­nia Card Suit: Abs (Strength)
El­e­ment: Earth
Card Suit: ♦ / Disks

Peas­ants are the rea­son why every­one has a mel­on or two in the house, as well as hot buns, hon­ey pots and oth­er yum­my stuff.

The mus­cled hostler Gar­rett, his sis Col­lie with the dog's col­lar and her gf, the busty dairy­maid Eri­ka, who all nor­mal­ly have three com­plete­ly dif­fer­ent works and on­ly meet in their spare time, but to­day they teamed up to do some im­por­tant sea­son­al works to­geth­er.

Af­ter fin­ish­ing a bunch of stuff they de­cid­ed to take a break to en­joy a first taste of vic­to­ry, as well as some milk. All three of them are look­ing around at the field of works, re­al­iz­ing how much yet needs to be done. The girls are feel­ing a bit slop­py af­ter a first gain was won, though Gar­rett seems to be ful­ly ready to pro­ceed, ready to un­der­take even dif­fi­cult tasks.

The three fig­ures sym­bol­ize body, mind and spir­it. None of these three can be left out. On­ly through their com­bined and bal­anced use will you see the vis­i­ble re­sults (the stack of hay). The en­er­gies of dif­fer­ent planes are unit­ed by their com­mon goal.

While full nu­di­ty is very com­mon and ac­cept­able in the coun­try­side, it may al­so be per­ceived as an al­le­go­ry on the ma­te­r­i­al which still hasn't lost the touch with the di­vine. De­spite lead­ing a sim­ple, ma­te­ri­al­is­tic life, the Peas­ants haven't lost the con­tact with their orig­i­nal na­ture. They're nei­ther shy of their nu­di­ty, nor dis­turbed or aroused by it.

We of­ten stop to ob­serve what we've achieved so far and this ob­ser­va­tion process may of­ten leave us feel­ing too con­tent with the first lit­tle gain, but some readi­ness to work more steadi­ly might be worth it!

Based on:
1. Aleis­ter Crow­ley. "The Book of Thoth."
2. Gerd Ziegler. "Tarot. Mir­ror of the Soul."
3. Raven's Tarot Site.

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