Thor's Childhood

Thor is a ham­mer-wield­ing god as­so­ci­at­ed with thun­der, light­ning, storms, oak trees, strength, the pro­tec­tion of mankind, and al­so hal­low­ing, heal­ing and fer­til­i­ty.

But lit­tle do we know about Thor's ear­li­er years when he was still striv­ing to find his iden­ti­ty as a god. Al­most dur­ing his en­tire child­hood Thor was tak­ing bal­let class­es, dream­ing of be­com­ing the god of dance.

And his danc­ing was so in­tense that light­nings would run through his body and all around him. His leaps were gra­cious and won­der­ful, and he could jump so high that he al­most reached the out­er space some­times, but when­ev­er he land­ed back on the ground af­ter such great leaps, the mor­tal lands would shud­der be­neath the thun­der from his feet. And he was still just a child!

As a teenag­er, Thor was ex­treme­ly flex­i­ble and hard-work­ing to the point of fa­nati­cism, he spent hours a day to im­prove his over­split, and with some as­sis­tance his legs could stretch fur­ther than those of some rhyth­mic gym­nasts.

In his late teens, alas, Thor some­how dropped out of bal­let, feel­ing that his body was grow­ing and it was no longer the light and lithe body of a child, so he changed his in­ter­ests to body­build­ing to start a new fresh chap­ter in his life. And that chap­ter led to the build­ing of his new im­age that we all know very well.

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