The Wicked 6 WIP

All NSFW content is hidden. Click here if you want to unhide it. Here let us enjoy a little bit of the dark side, so I brought together some "evil" characters, tho I dunno what exactly is evil about them, I think they look pretty sweet XD And you wanna play you can also throw a 6-sided die to know how the life will treat you!

1. Lucas the Vampire - You're gonna suck hard at whatever lays in front of you but you'll learn new things and enjoy the experience!

2. Diego the Devil - Now it's time to bend the rules and it's time to bend them totally in half backwards! Doing everything your own way will be the most rewarding.

3. Melonie the Fortune Teller - Gaze into those crystal melons, telling you that things are gonna turn very fortunate and pleasant for you indeed!

4. Gabby the Witch - You're gonna have to spread legs wide to succeed. Don't be selfish and work for the pleasure of others, it won't go unrewarded!

5. Sergio the Raven - The situation's gonna be tight, probably too tight with great losses ahead, but you'll fly out of the pit most gracefully!

6. Damien the Grim Reaper - Things are gonna try to break you and twist you to death but you'll handle it, showing some abilities you didn't know you were capable of!

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