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The Twin Win!

David Parker, a regular sixth grader, finds a magical medallion that pulls him into a whole new world of identical twins, contortion and unitards!

Double Trouble is a series of short stories about David Parker, a boy who finds a magical talisman that suddenly changes everything around him and about him!

David wakes up to a dream-like world where instead of shorts and t-shirts most boys wear colorful full body unitards, and instead of fancying things like soccer or baseball, the most popular physical activity there is contortion, and it's embraced as an ordinary way to stay healthy and fit.

David goes on exploring this new mind-bending world to find out that every single boy in this world also has an identical twin. Moreover, some twins have psychic powers such as being able to think-talk with each other or share an even deeper connection if they hold each other's hand or hug.

The twins' abilities are boosted greatly whenever they do something together in a close contact, so I wanted to draw a fan art for the story based on the idea of David and his twin Billy accomplishing an amazingly complex contortion routine after reaching a certain peak in their brotherly bonds :3

Also, what completes the uniqueness of this story is that it's actually written by a professional published author, Curious4ever, and was originally based on the series of contortion-themed illustrations by Barry Blair and there's a plenty of them you can find following the Double Trouble link above.

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