The Troubadour

A con­tort­ing mu­si­cian - quite unique ^^ I first saw them in the movie Robo­cop 2 :3

I'm not sure if he'd qual­i­fy for a trou­ba­dour or just a min­strel, or maybe just a gen­er­al jug­gler since he's not singing songs, just play­ing pret­ty tunes? Damn street bu­reau­cra­cy ^^; Al­ter­na­tive­ly, he could be a rat-catch­er?

His hair­cut is like that be­cause I first meant it to be a mod­ern set­ting where the boy in a mu­sic school is tak­ing lessons in both ac­ro­bat­ics and flute at the same time XD But in the process I changed it to a more me­dievil set­ting.. Be­cause I tried adding the boots and they fit him damn well I think *_*

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