The Techniccan Stretch

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Hehe... An­oth­er day, an­oth­er back­bend XD I just can't get enough of them se­ri­ous­ly, it's un­nat­ur­al but such a beau­ti­ful po­si­tion that the body can be trained to do, I'm just to­tal­ly in love with it ^.^

Any­way, to­day we take a peek again in­to Kage­maru's lit­tle di­ary :p

Dur­ing to­day's ex­ams in the school, I was fi­nal­ly con­sid­ered flex­i­ble enough to try the Tech­nic­can Stretch and was shown how to hold the po­si­tion and how to breathe and re­lax the mus­cles prop­er­ly. So I grabbed some sushi and sake and im­me­di­ate­ly paid a vis­it to Yoko. I had a toast and told him I've reached a new lev­el and now I could use a new, very ad­vanced tech­nique but it re­quires that we both get naked be­cause any clothes re­duce its ef­fec­tive­ness. To my sur­prise, he fell for that, and I was ex­cit­ed be­cause pre­vi­ous­ly we'd on­ly get naked in the hot springs. It was our most in­ti­mate evening and our bod­ies were clos­er than ever be­fore, I'd nev­er for­get how red his face was in the end, but to my sur­prise he said 'oh well' when I told him we have to do it every day if we want it to be ef­fec­tive.

The Tech­nic­can Stretch is a stretch­ing tech­nique that comes from Tech­nic­ca where it's been known for at least 3,000 years. It was brought to Tatamizu around 400 years ago by the mar­tial artist Nan­tai. Yes, the great mas­ter Nan­tai who found­ed our nin­ja clan. He had spent 5 years of his youth in Tech­nic­ca, mas­ter­ing this tech­nique and the leg­ends say that in his youth he was flex­i­ble be­yond be­lief, and he could still bend in half back­wards even when he was al­ready over 100. It's a leg­end but it's been in­spir­ing the war­riors of our clan for 400 years! I so wish I could have been born 400 years ago, so I could meet the young mas­ter Nan­tai and see his train­ing for my­self...

Any­way, the Tech­nic­can Stretch is the ul­ti­mate tech­nique for nin­jas like my­self, and it's this tech­nique that makes one ful­ly un­der­stand the mean­ing of our clan's name, Nankot­su, which means "car­ti­lage" or "soft bone". Be­cause my mas­ters say that af­ter sev­er­al weeks of prac­tice one's spine would feel al­most like it's made of car­ti­lage, and af­ter sev­er­al months of train­ing this feel­ing would be­come a re­al­i­ty.

Here's what my teacher made me write down be­fore we start­ed:

"The Tech­nic­can method re­quires that the stu­dent can al­ready bend in half back­wards or get­ting close to it. Fol­low­ing this tech­nique, the train­er ap­plies the pres­sure on the stu­dent's right knee, then on the left knee, then re­peats at least 200 times in a row. In the process the spine re­ceives a vary­ing and less de­struc­tive hy­per­ex­ten­sion which lets it stretch fur­ther than if a con­stant force was ap­plied on both knees. The var­ied pres­sure on the knees turns the pelvis slight­ly to one side and the oth­er in the process, which caus­es the stu­dent to in­stinc­tive­ly re­lax the back's mus­cles and pro­ceed with ease to high­er de­grees of flex­i­bil­i­ty."

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