The Story of Jack Pill

Jack de­spite his rel­a­tive­ly young age is a big crim­i­nal fig­ure in Lon­don, but very few of even his clos­est fel­lows know the sto­ry of Jack's own fig­ure, and that he was used to be a sideshow artist in a bizarre freak cir­cus where peo­ple did all kinds of painful things to earn a pen­ny. There he was good friends with a man named Isaac, bet­ter known as Sil­ver, who was al­so an artist whose "tal­ent" was to pierce his flesh with many long rapiers in the most vi­tal places.

Jack him­self "spe­cial­ized" in bear­ing the tight­est con­stric­tions of his waist, it was some­thing that the cir­cus di­rec­tor want­ed him to do and Jack had to do it in fear of be­ing tossed in­to the street to die of star­va­tion. Not that he wasn't starv­ing ei­ther way, the di­rec­tor want­ed him to be "a boy with the thinnest waist". In the lat­est shows of his cir­cus ca­reer, his as­sis­tant would loop a rope around Jack's waist and tie it to a horse that would be slow­ly walked away to tight­en Jack's oiled up waist un­til the horse couldn't move any fur­ther. But one day some mo­ron from the crowd scared the horse on pur­pose and it al­most com­plete­ly sliced Jack in two pieces. He had to lie in bed for sev­er­al weeks and his waist was scarred for life.

Dur­ing his stay in bed, the cir­cus di­rec­tor kept vis­it­ing him every day, in­sist­ing that Jack must get back on stage as soon as pos­si­ble. Jack's con­di­tion was still very poor but the di­rec­tor was re­al­ly per­sis­tent... So Jack's friend, Sil­ver, talked Jack in­to an es­cape plan, say­ing that he knew a crim­i­nal who was in some sort of a dept to Sil­ver. Once the plan was set­tled, Sil­ver caused a ma­jor hav­oc in the cir­cus camp, while the crim­i­nal helped Jack to es­cape...

Thus Jack be­came an er­rand boy for the crim­i­nals but the crim­i­nal lifestyle let his nat­ur­al charis­ma flour­ish very quick­ly and he soon be­came more like a crime prince whose du­ty was to walk around fac­to­ries and oth­er busi­ness­es, of­fer­ing to var­i­ous rich men the pro­tec­tion of his "or­ga­ni­za­tion".

The years spent in the freak cir­cus gave Jack that se­ri­ous, sick fa­cial ex­pres­sion which worked so well to scare the busi­ness­men im­me­di­ate­ly, even though he wasn't even twen­ty yet! He looked like a se­ri­ous and fright­en­ing crim­i­nal in a young man's body but per­haps on­ly two or three peo­ple in the whole world knew who he was used to be in the past and what he suf­fered through to ob­tain this men­ac­ing ex­pres­sion...

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