The Son of the Moon

Be­cause every ce­les­tial body needs its own cult of bendy wor­ship­pers :] Thanks to Blon­d­o­fu for sug­gest­ing to try and make one called "son of the moon" af­ter "The Son of the Sun" X3

So it's ba­si­cal­ly the same as the Sun's son... ex­cept this time we pick the beau­ti­ful boy with dark­est skin XD

The vil­lagers could, maybe... be­lieve that a well-done rit­u­al makes the Moon shine brighter? Thus help­ing night-time trav­ellers and those who got lost in the jun­gle, and al­so, umm... pre­vent­ing rob­beries? :3

See al­so

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