The Snake Princess

"Beau­ti­ful, just beau­ti­ful," Mary went around her pupil to ad­mire her from all pos­si­ble an­gles. "Se­ri­ous­ly, I can't be­lieve you're al­ready that good and it feels like we on­ly start­ed yes­ter­day!"

"Mary, that's be­cause you're such a won­der­ful teacher," Eri­ka gave her yo­ga in­struc­tor the bright­est smile once their eyes met again.

"I know it sounds strange com­ing from a yo­ga teacher but you could ac­tu­al­ly find a job in the cir­cus and get paid for what you can do."

"Oh nooo, a whole bunch of peo­ple would be star­ing at me then!" Eri­ka's brows went up. "I'm very hap­py just tak­ing pri­vate lessons from you and if you're my on­ly fan, I'm very hap­py with that in fact."

"But what are you afraid of? It's not that you have to per­form naked or any­thing. And hon­est­ly, cir­cus is a nice place, I worked there all my child­hood and nev­er felt bad about it."

"Mary, you worked at a cir­cus?!" Eri­ka raised her brows even high­er. "You nev­er told me!"

"What?" Mary thought for a mo­ment. "Yeah, I won­der why I nev­er men­tioned that."

"You said, 'long sto­ry short, my ex-hus­band made me do flex­i­ble pos­es for his web­site'... So you made the sto­ry so short that you missed such an amaz­ing de­tail??"

"Oh, true that! I'm so sor­ry!" Mary nod­ded. "So my ex ac­tu­al­ly first saw me per­form­ing in the cir­cus when I was your age, then we dat­ed and mar­ried... Oh dear, wait a minute, so I nev­er ac­tu­al­ly showed you my cir­cus out­fit??"

"Nope," Eri­ka widened her eyes and shook her head.

"Wait," Mary went up­stairs and re­turned in about five min­utes. "Look, I found it!" She held a glis­ten­ing body­suit with snak­ish pat­terns on it.

Eri­ka raised her head. "Oh my! That's pret­ty!"

"Wan­na try it on?"

"Can I ac­tu­al­ly?" Eri­ka grace­ful­ly took off her black high-cut leo­tard. Mary helped her to get in­to the suit and in less than a minute Eri­ka turned in­to a re­al snake girl with a smooth and most el­e­gant body.

"It suits you so well!" Mary made her turn around. "Oh wait, it's not com­plete with­out the make­up. Here I brought it too. You just stand there... and here you go." The make­up was quite sim­ple and took less than five min­utes to ap­ply. A few fin­ish­ing touch­es of glis­ten­ing paint and Eri­ka turned from a sexy gym­nast in­to a cir­cus girl who looked like she had spent her whole life in tents among jug­glers and clowns.

"How do I look?" Eri­ka grinned.

"Charm­ing! Wait, I have to take a pic­ture," Mary went to take her cam­era. "Can you strike a pose for me?"

"What kind of?"

"How about a back­bend, then do a hand­stand and sit on your shoul­ders. Per­fect, now the feet go down like that... lock them here be­hind your arms. Now tight­en it up, get as tight and com­pact as you pos­si­bly can... try to get your knees even low­er... raise your head, high­er, high­er, like you're re­al­ly proud of your­self! Keep your knees low, can you do even low­er? Oh yes, that's per­fect now! So tight and to­tal­ly snakeish! Now, say cheese!" Mary took a pic­ture. "Wait, I'll do an­oth­er an­gle where we can how your back's fold­ed..." She took an­oth­er one.

Even­tu­al­ly Mary was sat­is­fied and let Eri­ka look at the pic­ture.

"Oh my good­ness! Is that me!? That's kind of adorable!" Eri­ka laughed. "I feel like my place is in the cir­cus now!"

"Told ya," Mary nudged her. "So, how about the Snake Princess?"


"As a stage name. You know, the cir­cus needs a lot of mys­tery, you don't get in­tro­duced as sil­ly as 'Hel­lo, I'm your neigh­bor Eri­ka, I went to a yo­ga gym and look at how bendy I am now!'"

"Ha­ha, I sup­pose not, doesn't sound very cir­cus-ey," Eri­ka gig­gled. "Cir­cus­es are com­pli­cat­ed, huh?..."

"Yeah, on the oth­er hand... Be­hold the one and on­ly... The Snake Princess!!" Mary raised her arms in the air.

"Well, it sounds like it would work! And the cos­tume is pret­ty nice and I bet even my class­mates wouldn't rec­og­nize me with this make­up. Now I ac­tu­al­ly want to con­sid­er that..."

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