The Path of Maulrath

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The lord of the rings and oth­er things, Maulrath is the son of the leg­endary ghoul Kathaarz who, dur­ing gurotesque fes­tiv­i­ties, dis­mem­bered him­self to five pieces and sent them away to the five de­mon­ic king­doms for fur­ther tor­ment, thus spread­ing his still alive body across the en­tire In­fe­ria.

The slice in­clud­ing the low­er bel­ly, the pelvis and the gen­i­talia re­mained in his home­land Vul­ca­nia in the claws of Moth­er Jug­dasi. She ham­mered the tes­ti­cles in­to a pulp and used the juice to im­preg­nate her­self and gave birth to a ba­by ghoul.

Moth­er Jug­dasi used to spoil Maulrath as she raised him up and would al­ways give him what­ev­er he want­ed: pins, nee­dles, nails, skew­ers and as many tight rings as he want­ed for play­ing with his wasp-like waist. He was shame­less­ly pam­pered and had all the pain he could pos­si­bly dream of.

Maulrath loved to play all the time and in his room he had a lot of toys for play­ing: big ones, sharp ones and heavy ones. De­spite that, he would keep drag­ging Moth­er to the shop and whine that he want­ed more toys, spe­cial­ly if some­thing looked more so­phis­ti­cat­ed and hurt­ful than what he al­ready had.

His room was al­ways a mess af­ter play­ing and Moth­er used to come af­ter he'd fall asleep to clean up, put all the bow­els and or­gans back in­to his body and sew it up, re­align his dis­lo­cat­ed bones and put him straight and flat on the bed if he man­aged to twist him­self be­yond all re­pair. Even though ghoul had the nat­ur­al abil­i­ty to re­gen­er­ate their scars and wounds over night, it didn't mean that the in­ter­nal or­gans would jump back in­to the body by them­selves and she kept fail­ing to ex­plain this sim­ple fact to her son, that he must watch out and don't let his body fall apart so much be­cause one day she might not be there to help putting all the pieces to­geth­er. Af­ter patch­ing him up, the de­moness would kiss her child's wounds, ad­just his bed of nails and push him deep­er in­to it to make sure it's painful enough for him to sleep and then, sat­is­fied, would leave him to rest and re­gen­er­ate, hop­ing for him to have the worst night­mares imag­in­able...

As the re­sult of such par­ent­ing, Maulrath grew up in­to a spoiled teen who'd walk in the street in what­ev­er state he want­ed and run in­to adult demons to pro­voke them to beat him up. While tak­ing crush­ing punch­es and kicks deep in­to his se­vere­ly cinched stom­ach, he would fur­ther in­sult the adults by beg­ging to be kid­napped and held in a dun­geon where they could do every­thing they want­ed with his flesh for months. Some­times the en­raged demons would tear his head off for be­ing so dis­gust­ing­ly spoiled but Moth­er Jug­dasi would al­ways send slaves to find him and patch him up to be bet­ter than be­fore.

But there were some­times el­der demons who'd have com­pas­sion for Maulrath and take him home to keep him as a slave for some time and give him the worst of tor­ment. Be­cause it's on­ly at the old­est age that demons come to an un­der­stand­ing that you on­ly live once and so it's fine to some­times in­dulge in what you re­al­ly en­joy. So what if he's al­ready skin­ny to the bones, no ghoul has ever died of star­va­tion yet, so let him starve a lit­tle more so he could en­joy spoil­ing his tiny waist with a few more metal­lic rings. And when he sleeps on a bed of nails, why not cov­er him with a mas­sive stone plate for more dis­com­fort...

But maybe his Moth­er was over­ly pro­tec­tive of him, af­ter all, she was just like him in her own teen years and he had a long way to go to reach the lev­el of his fa­ther...

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