The Leslie Within

Kukki­is­Art told me about this dream to have a Leslie DLC for The Evil With­in game, where you can play as Leslie With­ers in­stead of Se­bas­t­ian and walk through the game from his point of view. So you ba­si­cal­ly have no weapons and it's a lot more like a hor­ror game where you most­ly have to re­ly on hid­ing tac­tics.

So af­ter a week this fa­nart was born that shows po­ten­tial­ly the best hide­out in the whole game :D

I mean if you know what the Box­man is, he's ba­si­cal­ly the pro­jec­tion of Ru­vik's ac­tu­al safebox in­to the dream­world, so the safebox ba­si­cal­ly got the body and the ham­mer, so we get the Box­man char­ac­ter... But we nev­er get to see what's ac­tu­al­ly hid­den in­side the Box­man's head. It must be Ru­vik's most pre­cious trea­sure if he want­ed to pro­tect it so well... And what, or rather, who is Ru­vik's most pre­cious trea­sure?? *^.^*

So yeah... had to do this :D

Thank you so much for watch­ing & read­ing, hope you en­joyed!! <3

All tex­tures from CG­tex­tures
Back­ground from with­in the Game
Idea and art by Yu­ni

Here is al­so the Sketch of this pic­ture if you want to see! ^.^ <3

See al­so

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