The First Contact

Er­ic and Rayn col­lab­o­rat­ing in the con­tor­tion show "The First Con­tact" - the Ex­trater­res­tri­al (Rayn) shar­ing the se­crets of the hu­manoid form with the Earth­man (Er­ic a.k.a. Rouge) as a gift to the hu­man race. Ap­pear­ing clum­sy at first, at the end of the per­for­mance the Earth­man ex­ceeds his "teacher" demon­strat­ing some in­cred­i­ble con­trol over his body - now it's the Ex­trater­res­tri­al's turn to im­i­tate the moves; even­tu­al­ly it's the time for the alien to go home and he packs him­self in­to a tiny UFO which then slow­ly flies up­wards, lift­ed be­hind the cur­tain by the as­sis­tants. Agents in black suits and sun­glass­es ap­pear on the stage and start test­ing the Earth­man, grab­bing his feet and pulling them in the op­po­site di­rec­tions - once the Earth­man is hang­ing in the split be­tween two agents, they start push­ing his legs up­ward in­to an over­split un­til the Earth­man's feet touch each oth­er above his head. Lock­ing the feet with hand­cuffs, the agents drag him away for "in­ves­ti­ga­tion".

This is the mid­dle part of Er­ic and Rayn's long-ex­pect­ed joint show - two of the world's best con­tor­tion­ists, Rayn Hadley from Eng­land and Er­ic de Beau­mont from France, fi­nal­ly made a 30-minute long Spe­cial for their fans. The show comes in 5 parts:

1. The Ar­rival (5 min)
2. The First Con­tact (9 min)
3. The In­ves­ti­ga­tion (4 min)
4. Dreams (5 min)
5. Pass­ing of the Knowl­edge (6 min)

1. The Ar­rival

Rayn's so­lo, show­ing the Alien's ar­rival to Earth, un­pack­ing him­self from the tiny UFO and ex­plor­ing some of the Earth's ca­su­al ob­jects (chair, aquar­i­um, bath­tub, buck­et, etc) with­out any idea how to use them prop­er­ly. Con­tor­tion and en­terol­o­gy (pack­ing one's body in­side small ob­jects).

2. The First Con­tact

Joint per­for­mance and a sort of show off (al­ready de­scribed above ^^). Duo con­tor­tion.

3. The In­ves­ti­ga­tion

Er­ic's so­lo, se­cret agents test the Earth­man by stretch­ing and twist­ing his limbs in every im­pos­si­ble way, but up­on find­ing out the whole alien knowl­edge is just about some use­less con­tor­tions, they even­tu­al­ly leave him alone. Won­ders of pas­sive stretch­ing (re­laxed limb moved be­yond its nor­mal range of mo­tion with the as­sis­tence of a part­ner).

4. Dreams

Joint per­for­mance, both of them "sleep­ing" at first, Er­ic then starts to "dream" of Rayn - Rayn's pic­ture is pro­ject­ed on a huge screen above the sleep­ing Er­ic, Rayn gets up and be­gins a slow, dream-like per­for­mance, most­ly bal­anc­ing on the hands, even­tu­al­ly he falls asleep, and Er­ic, in turn, be­comes his dream. Hand-bal­anc­ing and slow con­tor­tion.

5. Pass­ing of The Knowl­edge

Joint per­for­mance again, the stage is di­vid­ed in two sec­tions, one rep­re­sent­ing the Earth and the oth­er show­ing the Alien plan­et, the Earth­man and the Alien are teach­ing their chil­dren, pass­ing the new knowl­edge to fu­ture gen­er­a­tions. Syn­chro­nous dou­ble duo con­tor­tion (by that I meant two pairs of con­tor­tion­ists mir­ror­ing each oth­er's moves XD).

The show be­came pret­ty suc­cess­ful and was filmed for a TV and DVD ver­sions with a sound­track bonus disc ^^ All mu­sic com­posed by Er­ic (a.k.a. Rouge), don't for­get he's al­so a mu­si­cal prodi­gy ^-^

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