The Bending of Isaac

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Isaac and his moth­er lived alone in a small house on a hill. Isaac kept to him­self in­dulging in watch­ing short on­line films fea­tur­ing ho­mo­sex­u­al in­ter­course as his mom watched Sa­tanist broad­casts on the tele­vi­sion. Life was bor­ing and they were both de­pressed. That was un­til the day Isaac's mom heard a voice from be­low:

"Your son has be­come ready for greater sins. He needs to be shaved."
"I will do my best to shave him, my Lord," Isaac's moth­er replied, rush­ing in­to Isaac's room, re­mov­ing all that spare hair from his body.

Again the voice called to her:
"Isaac's soul is still too in­no­cent. He needs to get more ex­posed to the sun­light and his skin needs to be oiled."
"I will fol­low your in­struc­tions, Lord. I have faith in thee," Isaac's moth­er replied as she took Isaac to live in a beach bun­ga­low to de­vel­op a good tan and give him dai­ly oily mas­sages.

One last time Isaac's mom heard the voice of the Dev­il call­ing to her:
"You've done as I've asked, but I still ques­tion your de­vo­tion to me. To prove your faith, I will ask one more thing of you."
"Yes, Fa­ther. Any­thing," Isaac's moth­er begged.
"To prove your love and de­vo­tion, I re­quire an en­ter­tain­ment. Your son, Isaac, will be this en­ter­tain­ment. Go in­to his room and train him well to dance and bend the way I like, to prove you love me above all else."
"Yes, Lord," she replied.

Isaac, watch­ing through a crack in his door, shook in ex­cite­ment. Months passed in every­day shav­ing, tan­ning, oil­ing and stretch­ing, un­til Isaac was fi­nal­ly ready. With­out hes­i­ta­tion, he stepped in­to the pen­ta­gram which ap­peared for him on the floor and the dev­il­ish pow­er took him down in­to the un­known depths be­low...

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