Teddy Bear Day

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To­day I saw a kin­da a bit odd dream about a naked young man, an adult per­son that is, who was hug­ging a su­per­sized ted­dy, and be­ing hap­py like a kid XDD What the hell, I thought...but lat­er I de­cid­ed to draw it be­cause it kept look­ing so awe­some in my head XD Well, the draw­ing is not so bad so I want­ed to write a sto­ry for it as well ^^

When he lay up­on the new gi­ant ted­dy bear and stroke a sexy pose, the com­bi­na­tion looked so strange­ly de­viant that both pho­tog­ra­phers gulped. The new prop and the new an­drog­y­nous mod­el ar­rived to the stu­dio al­most at the same time, it seemed like they were des­tined to be put to­geth­er in this pho­to­set.

"Damn, I know he's 18 but that prop makes him look like a kid, I'm ready to gouge my eyes out for be­ing a hope­less sin­ner... we're gonna get in trou­ble for this," one of the men said, smirk­ing and try­ing to find the best an­gle for his cam­era.

"He has the pa­pers prov­ing he's not a mi­nor and the agency says he's been in the busi­ness for a few months now, no com­plaints so far," shrugged the oth­er pho­tog­ra­ph­er. "The au­thor­i­ties don't care about looks as long as it's all le­gal on pa­per. Feel lucky you're work­ing with such a pret­ty­boy while he's still not too fa­mous."

"Yeah, tell me about it... Mar­tin, can you bury your­self more in­to Ted­dy and stick out your butt a lit­tle high­er... Oh, my poor eyes... Too per­fect!"

Mar­tin kept be­ing so hap­py with his new toy and lis­ten­ing to the men's sil­ly re­marks made him chuck­le. He was smil­ing all the time with­out the pho­tog­ra­phers even ask­ing. For a while they kept tak­ing many pic­tures in si­lence be­cause the young man seem­ing­ly knew by heart the best pos­es imag­in­able and was just strik­ing them one by one nat­u­ral­ly while play­ing with the toy.

"Mar­tin, you seem to like Big Ted­dy so much!"

"Yeah, it's the best prop I ever worked with! Sooo ex­cit­ing! And he's sooo big! Look at all the pos­es I can do with him, so awe­some! And it feels so nice against skin," Mar­tin pressed him­self against the ted­dy bear, giv­ing it a tight hug and pulling the cutest smile in the world, and was in­stant­ly cap­tured a mul­ti­ple times by both cam­eras.

"You re­al­ly love your new job?"

"Yeah!" the young man in­stant­ly nod­ded, "Though I was afraid at first but every­body in this in­dus­try was re­al­ly nice."

"I'm not sur­prised to hear that," the man nod­ded, "You're not on­ly good look­ing but al­so have a nat­ur­al tal­ent for pos­ing."

"Thanks! I have a big col­lec­tion of erot­i­ca at home and a huge mir­ror in my room, I try to re­peat every­thing I like."

"Oh! You take your job re­al­ly se­ri­ous­ly!"

"Yeah, I want to be a pho­tog­ra­ph­er one day. I want to learn every­thing about erot­i­ca, sexy light­ing, com­po­si­tion, every­thing... it's the best job ever!"

"How do you par­ents feel about your job?"

"I on­ly have an un­cle, he's on­ly 10 years old­er and he made my first pho­to­set on my 18th birth­day. I love my un­cle so much, he un­der­stands me per­fect­ly! He's like an old­er broth­er and... so much more! He's the best per­son ever! He helped me to find this job, but re­al­ly, I don't want to stay as a mod­el for too long, I'm on­ly do­ing this as a prac­tice to be a bet­ter pho­tog­ra­ph­er lat­er."

"I still hope you'll be mod­el for a long time, Mar­tin. You're made of gold, do you know that?"

"Ha­hah", he chuck­led, "Thanks, but I al­ways pre­ferred sexy skin over gold."

"Well, it's just a say­ing. You're re­al­ly good! Stay like that and you'll be fa­mous and rich in no time."

The pho­tog­ra­phers were very hap­py with the pho­to­set and kept say­ing it must be the most adorable set in the his­to­ry of artis­tic erot­i­ca and it sure­ly is go­ing to dis­turb a lot of peo­ple with Mar­tin's cute­ness. They end­ed up telling Mar­tin to come to the stu­dio any time when­ev­er he want­ed to give Ted­dy a hug. It was just an act of be­ing nice, of course, so they were very sur­prised when he called the next day and they sud­den­ly made even more pho­tographs.

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